Summer Styling With Jacamo

I don't know about you but for me going on holiday is all about getting some lovely new clothes! I love a whole new wardrobe and detagging everything as I wear it. I only go away once a year so it's a real treat. The hubby, on the other hand, couldn't care less and would wear any old tat!  Now I can't have him showing me up in Spain, so I have created this wishlist post in association with Jacamo showing him what I would like him to wear while we are away, stylish and sleek, no hobo and scruffy!
As it's a beach holiday the most important thing is some good swim shorts, nobody likes skin tight budgie smugglers, well some do, but I definitely don't! These Tog24 Cove swim shorts are lovely, the design is nice and subtle and they are a good length. They provide an adjustable waist, perfect for later in the holiday after excessive food and alcohol consumption. They come in sizes small all the way to xxxl.
Next up is a pair of casual shorts for the evening time or for if we have a day trip out that don't require swim shorts. I love these Crosshatch Kanaster Denim shorts, they could be dressed up with a nice shirt or dressed down with a vest or a t shirt. They are button fasten and available in size 34-54 waist.
I mentioned polo shirts above so I thought I would include one that would be a perfect match for the Crosshatch shorts. This pale blue Voi Wyndham polo is the ideal shade to go with the denim shorts, its available in a longer length which is perfect for Mr RTR as he has a long body and some polos look a bit small on him. It's 100% cotton so great for sunnier weather and is available right up to size 5xl!
We will be going out to a few shows which require us to dress up so a pair of chinos is essential for the holiday wardrobe. The casual fit tobacco chino is great for the sunnier weather abroad as the relaxed fit allows air to circulate around your legs. The colour is great for matching with a whole range of colours, and will certainly compliment your tan.
The last items for his holiday capsule wardrobe has to be a nice holiday shirt. It had to be a nice print shirt though to get him into the holiday spirit. This Label J blue chambray print shirt will go perfectly with the chinos and also with the Crosshatch denim shorts, so good for 2 wears during our holiday. It would even look lovely with a white vest underneath and worn open!

What do you think of my choices, would your hubby let you dress him? Luckily for me Mr RTR is so laid back he will wear whatever is in his wardrobe, so I think I did well.
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