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We are in the midst of school holidays and we had a welcome delivery to brighten up the very wet holidays. The team at Leap Frog sent us one of their fab toys to play with, the Count Along Till, it talks, sings and has 20 items included in the box!
The set comes with 8 different food products, 10 coins and even a little plastic credit card. The till comes with demo batteries in them, we have been using it for a week and the batteries are still going. It is recommended to change them before you start playing with the till.
The face of the till is interactive and each of the button says a different word or sound. When the child presses the food item it tells them how many coins it costs to buy it. The bottom on the till screen also has the power button and you can have the volume high or low.
The count along till is suitable for children aged of 2 years old, all of the pieces are child safe. The food items are all made of chunky plastic and have air holes in them should they end up in small mouths. Supervision of young children is recommended to prevent this from happening
It's a great toy for counting and imaginative play, it teaches songs and fun phrases. Your little ones can set up their own shop and let the friends buy products and pay them for the products they buy, so it's great for basic maths skills too.
They can scan the items and press the buttons and the till tells them how many coins the item costs. They can post the cons in the coin slot on the bottom of the till screen and the till tells them if they were correct. The kids really enjoyed discovering the different ways to play with the till. 
They played happily with it for almost an hour which is impressive for 2 children cooperatively playing. Thye most enjoyed just simply playing shop and taking it in turns to buy items and pay for them. We definitely recommend the count along till, it's a  great toy for cooperative play, imaginative play, learning colours, numbers and counting. The Count Along Till is available in most major toy stores for around £20.
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