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I am now the wrong side of my 30's and I am terrible when it comes to my skin. The most my poor skin gets is a wipe with a skin care wipe, even when it's been wearing makeup. I am quite fortunate that I have relatively good skin, I don't get spots very often, but I know as I approach 40 it's time to take care of my poor skin. I have been sent a bundle of skincare products from Skintifique to see what I think, now I am in no way a beauty blogger but I figured it would do my skin no harm.
The cleanser p will effectively remove makeup and is great for anyone with sensitive skin. Most cleanser have lots of ingredients and these can be harsh on your skin, Skintifique cleanser has only 5 ingredients, Aqua, polysorbate 20, poloxamer 184, 1,2 hexanediol and chlorphenesin. You simply add some onto a cotton wool pad and cleanse your face, I was astounded and the dirt that came off my face! I had previously used a face wipe to take off the bulk of my make up and still, the cleanser pulled off so much grime! My face really wasn't clean at all, my skin felt really squeaky after a good cleanse.
The hydrating gel plus hs is a face and body moisturiser that gives an intense and lasting hydration. I opted to make this part of my evening routine as I thought it would be lovely on my skin soaking in over night. It formulated from demineralized water, enriched in castor oil and bisabolol which combined provides a moisturising level of 40%. I was impressed with how little you need to cover your face, a little goes a long way. It really soaks into your skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. I really liked that it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy and the moisturiser is a nice thick consistency.
 The moisturising lotion is an ideal everyday moisturiser and works perfectly following the cleanser. It moisturises your skin deep down and provides protection from pollutants. It's great for anyone with particularly dry skin and it's really hydrating. It absorbs really quickly and again I was surprised at how non-greasy the formula was. I opted to use this as part of my morning skin care routine and am really happy with the results and how smooth my skin feels.
For the past week, I have used the cleanser twice a day, the moisturising lotion hp in the morning and the hydrating gel in the evening. I have quite combination skin which makes skin care dificult, but this Skintifique collection has been no problem. It suits my dry skin perfectly and it now feels lovely and smooth. It glides over my oily forehead and has really made it feel less oily.
My skin has a lovely glow to it after just a weeks use and it looks much healthier, shame about the black bags under my eyes, but sleep is the only miracle cure for those bad boys. I have used very little of the product in a week and I expect the product to last over a month, so it's a great investement. You can see all of these products on the Skintifique website.
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