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I have been collaborating with The Skinny Caffe for a few months now, I tried their skinny tea and loved it and I have just recently been trialling their skinny coffee. The Skinny Caffee believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle. The understand the importance of eating properly and remaining active every day. They want as many people as possible to enjoy their products so they have strived to ensure they are suitable for vegans/vegetarians and contain no extras such as gluten, egg, dairy, soy and contain only safe and natural ingredients. 
The coffee does have an unusual look about it, but it instantly smells like coffee when you open the bag. It's a fine powder and you make it exactly like you would a normal cup of coffee, however you take it. I thought it had the slight aroma of coconut to it. I'm not a big coffee drinker so the fact this is medium roast coffee appealed to me greatly.
When I added hot water it had the same look and aroma of any other coffee, the ingredients include roast coffee, coconut milk powder, un roasted ground green coffee, Acai berry, Goji berry, juniper berry, Garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine and raspberry ketone powder. They all work together to help aide weight loss and reduce bloat. Everyone's body works differently so no guarantees can be made about how it ill work for you. But there are lots of positive reviews of this product. I definitely have noticed I am significantly less bloated and feel like I have lots more energy since I have been drinking it. I am happy to add it to my daily routine as I genuinely love the flavour and it helped me lose 5lbs last month, which is a great amount considering I wasn't particularly watching what I was eating. I can imagine how much difference I would have noticed if I was following a healthy eating plan alongside. You can get a 1 month supply of Skinny Coffee for £24.95 and at the moment if you add code CAFFE20 you get 20% off. There is also 2 fab new products in the Skinny Caffe range, yummy hot chocolate and Vanilla Latte available to try, pop over to The Skinny Caffe for a look around today.
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