Back To School Guide 2017

It's the start of the school holidays and with 4 children I am already planning the back to school items. I have been gathering items for the past few months to construct this guide for you, it will contain some essential back to school items for your little and big ones. 
First up is this protector spray from Excilor which protects from verrucas, warts, athletes foot and nail fungus. All sounds pretty grim, but with a little one due to start swimming lessons its a must for the school swim bag. It provides a water resistant barrier that lasts for a whole 8 hours and it is moisture resistant.
Whilst on the swimming topic how cool is Cody's new swim bag from Bags of Love. I was able to design the whole thing using the clever online design tool on their website. You can customise colours, text and add pictures. He definitely won't get lost in the crowd with this funky bag.
The sun always puts in an appearance when the kids go back in September, usually after at least 5 weeks worth of rain! The children school will not apply suncream due to heath and safety, so the kids have to do it themselves. This new Nivea caring roll-on is ideal for kids to do it themselves, they can screw the top off and it just rolls on. They will be able to safely apply it themselves and it rolls out just the right amount of cream, they just need to rub it in.
These Googly Fruit products are the ideal solution for the kid's lunch boxes, Googly fruit are on a mission to make fruit fun for kids. The range consists of fruit pouches which are great to keep in the fridge and pop in their lunch box to keep everything cool. The kid's school is a healthy eating school so no crisps and chocolate are allowed so the fruit crunchy and corn snacks are a great alternative. The best thing about Googly Fruit is they all count towards your 5 a day, they're additive free and made from 100% fruit.
We were sent some fab Bic products which will be winging their way into the kid's pencil cases. I love the felt tip pens, they have 2 white pens that erase the colours you have drawn. They are great for making funky patterns. If you are going to have pencils in your case then why not go for some bright neon ones, I love how cool these look. We also got some lovely crayons, they don't have the pesky bit of paper on them and they are smooth to hold. We will make good use of the glitter glue during the summer holiday, the kids love to craft and who doesn't love glitter. The pen we were sent is going to be ideal for Mr D, he struggles with grip and this pen has built in rubber strips to aide his grip and assist his writing.
Thermal drinks bottles are nothing new but there is something clever about this design from Judge. What makes them different from all the others is the wide pouring lip. It also has a unique locking system, which only releases liquid when you want it. The stainless steel bottle is double walled so will keep your drinks hot or cold for 6 hours. These will be perfect for the boy's lunch bags and come in 2 different sizes, 180ml for £11.75 and 360ml for £13.75.
These Piccolo pouches are a great inclusion for your younger children's lunch boxes. They come in a whole variety of sweet and savoury flavours. The fruit pouches are great for adding to Cody's lunch box, they are all 100% organic and count towards one of the children's 5 a day. They are available to buy in most major supermarkets.
As some of you know Skye goes to a specialist school and has to take a lot of things in with her for her personal needs. This means she needs a large backpack to fit it all into. The team over at Room To Grow sent us the Spiketus rex multi rucksack from MadPax. It has a bold and multi coloured soft spiky design and is a real eye-catcher that says you are one-of-a-kind. The full pack is a traditional sized backpack, perfect for school books and sports. It has great wide padded straps, I love the funky colourful spikes, this bag is available in 3 different colours too.
Everyone knows and loves Smiggle and how cute are these products they have sent to us. The kids love them! I'm loving the scented Besties pencil case, it really smells like strawberries. The buddies notebook it fab to, the kids are really gonna turn heads with their scented pencils. Check out my Youtube video for a details description of each item.
Dj is going to be pretty chuffed with the DC Comics back pack from Paladone. Packed full of all your favourite heroes and villains from the DC Universe, this DC Comics Backpack is the perfect gift for comic book fans and the best way to carry around the latest issues when on the go! A custom print polyester backpack with PVC backing, the bag features custom fabric zip pulls and a separate front pocket, all adorned with classic DC Comics characters, artwork and logos. 
See the world like never before with this ingenious Smartphone Microscope. A brilliant microscope lens that is compatible with most smartphone cameras, the Smartphone Microscope captures images in microscopic detail for a fun new way of looking at the everyday world. Study nature and wildlife, or even everyday objects in your home, and view your surroundings in ways never previously considered. 
I've been buying Regatta coats for the children for a few years as I love the design and quality. The Regatta team sent me the above 2 jackets for the kids, which will be perfect for September. Both jackets are waterproof, breathable Isotex 10000 polyester fabric, they have taped hems which really keep out the water. I love the bright colours on the jackets, especially Skyes, I love the funky yellow floral design. The hoods can roll away and the jackets can have a fleece added underneath which will make them the perfect winter coat. What I love about Regatta is no matter what time of the year it is there is always special offers, both the above jackets start from £24.99, which is a great price for a jacket to see you through all seasons.
I have 3 boys and they are so heavy on their feet, we literally went through around pairs of shoes per school year. In September I swapped to Kickers and haven't looked back. The guys over at Jakes Shoes sent us these Kickers Kick 3 Strap boots for Dj, he's really heavy on his feet so boots are a great option. He's not great with laces so Velcro is the ideal solution. The boots are really well made and have a great tread, they will look super smart with his uniform.
I mentioned earlier Skye goes by bus to school, her journey takes around an hour so it's recommended she takes a drink. This cute ladybird bottle from What 2 buy for kids is perfect. She loves the design and its aluminium so will keep her drink cool. The nozzle is really easy to pull up and down so she will be able to use it herself easily.
How super cool are these, they are not only amazing for back to school, but they are the perfect for all you Star Wars fans. The 4 coloured classic bic pen has been jazzed up with a storm trooper. I love the 4 pack of biros, they will be sneaking into my stationery collection. The Tipp-Ex mouse has made its way into my teen's school collection, its a high school essential apparently!
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