Astonish Cruelty Free Cleaning

Last year I reviewed the Astonish range and I have been using them ever since they are fab and available in the Poundshops, so a bargain price for a cleaner for your whole house. Astonish has received a bit of a makeover, It's got a shiny new look for their household, laundry and cruelty-free cleaning products. They still offer the same astonishing results, just with a new fresh look, you will see the funky prism shaped bottle on the shelves and they really stand out. Cruelty-Free International and the Vegetarian Society approve of them and they are Vegan Society registered, they don't contain any animal derivatives and have not been tested on animals.
Astonish sent me 3 of their products and I have been testing them out the past week and I am absolutely loving them. I had the preconception that being cruelty-free would mean that they didn't have the same cleaning power as before how wrong was I! The mould and mildew blaster was the one that most impressed me. I always have trouble getting rid of the build up behind my taps, the shower leaks down and water gathers behind and that creates a mould build up if you don't wipe it every day. I sprayed the mould and mildew blaster on the back of the taps and left it for about 5 minutes while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom. I then went back and wiped it and was amazed (or should I say Astonished!!) that the mould build up had gone. I have since been using this in my kitchen and the shed outside, it's a fab all round cleaner.
I haven't been able to get a good picture of the window spray, but it leaves the windows sparkling and streak free. The antibacterial surface spray kills 99% of known bacteria, it has no bleach or odour so it's completely safe to use on food preparation surfaces. I'm loving the new design and will continue using my favourite Astonish cleaning range.
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  1. Love the Astonish range and it's so cheap with it being in Poundland it's a no brainer.


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