Vax 32V Blade Cordless

I have a big obsession with vacuums, I think it stems from having cats when I was younger and hating cat hairs. I have a dog myself and the battle of dog hairs is an ongoing issue. I look for a machine that can easily glide from carpet to flooring, easy to get up the stairs and ideally cordless but powerful. I was sent the new Vax 32V blade to try out. Check out the unboxing video below!
I have been using it now for a few weeks and I have enjoyed using it. I am also impressed with its power and performance against those pesky pet hairs. It boasts to be as powerful as a corded vacuum and I have no complaints and have to agree with the statement.
The unit is really easy to assemble all the attachments clip on and off with ease and the dust bin empties with the flick of a catch. I really like that you can completely remove the filter and give it a good clean out to. My unit came with some power already in it and I was able to do the whole house of just 50% battery. The battery indicator is a welcome addition to the unit, it can help you judge if you can finish your job or not. A full charge takes 4 hours and gives you 45 minutes run time, which is more than enough to cover my 3-bed house top to bottom.
The long extension pole is perfect for using the unit as an upright hoover, but I love to use it without too, it's great for cleaning the sofas and hoovering the individual stairs. The boost mode is great for sucking up all the dog hairs, but using the boost function does reduce your operating time, but it does work just as well on normal mode. I really like the multi-directional head, it makes going round corners really easy and makes sure you get all the little bits of dust from every corner. The whole unit is made from good quality moulded plastic and has a good weight behind it, it's not too heavy though and it comfortable to use without hurting your arm. Inside the box, you also get a crevice tool, which is great for doing down the sides of the sofas and the skirting boards, so it is a great all round one stop cleaning service. The Vax 32V Blade is currently on sale on the Vax website for £179.99, which is a saving of £120, so grab one now!
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