Top Family Holiday Destinations

While the summer holiday season has officially begun, there is still a lot of time to enjoy the season. If you haven’t begun planning your family holiday, consider one of these popular destinations.

Las Vegas
While Las Vegas is the home to numerous casinos and the best place to gamble in North America attracting gamblers all over the world include those who plays on, it also has come into its own as a family travel destination with other entertainment options. The Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre is a family friendly entertainment option that not only provides a hilarious show but is an example of the merits of rescuing pets. In this show, Popovich tours with 15 cats and dogs all rescued from shelters. For families with older children the Voodoo Zipline gives participants a view from the Rio Casino.

The city of light and love is also an ideal place for families to go on holiday. The major attraction here is Disneyland Paris which is located about an hour outside the city. Your children can expect to find all their favourite Disney characters with inspired rides. Opt to lodge at the Disneyland Hotel which provides some special opportunities for unique experiences at the park. The Walt Disney Studios can be found adjacent to the park.

This Moroccan city provides a unique cultural experience for families. With inexpensive flights, many families are visiting here during the summer. Expect to stroll through the bazaars and be mesmerized by the snake charmers. Camel rides can also be taken providing a one of a kind method of travel as well as a high vantage point from which to explore the city. The Atlas Mountains are within close proximity and can be explored as well.

The world is literally at your feet as you begin planning your family’s 2017 summer holiday. Where will it take you?
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