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I had my eyes retested last month and got myself lovely new pair of glasses. I made the mistake of leaving them on the sofa and one of the kids kindly snapped the arm of them! Luckily for me a week later The Glasses Shop got in touch to see if I was interested in reviewing a new pair of eyeglasses from their huge well-priced range. They also allowed me to choose a pair of prescription sunglasses, perfect with my holiday coming up soon.
The first thing I must mention is these glasses come from abroad, so they do take around 2 weeks to arrive. You will be provided with full shipping details when you order though, the postage wait it well worth the savings you make from ordering from the site for sure. My order arrived 10 days after I ordered and they were well packaged in hard cases for protection. 
For my actual glasses, I opted for a men's frame, I have a bit of a moon head and some very fetching hamster cheeks and some ladies frames do me no justice. I opted for the Joseph frame in tortoise shell priced at just £25.32! They have spring loaded sides for comfort and a nice wide set frame with adjustable nose pads. 
I was pleased to see that the lenses have an anti-reflection coating on them, perfect for when I am working on my computer. I am really pleased with how they look and how they fit on my face. They are really comfortable. This particular frame also comes in black.
I have never owned a pair of prescription sunglasse, but now is the time as my optometrist says I must wear my glasses all the time. There are some really funky designs when it comes to sunglasses on the website. I wanted a nice subtle pair and the Amelia frames really fitted my criteria. They come in a lovely subtle red colour, with a choice of tint colour on the lenses. Another absolute bargain price of £27.42!
We are in the midst of a heatwave in Manchester, it makes a nice change from the awful weather we normally get. It also means I have been able to road test my new sunnies. They are a lovely fit and most importantly don't slip down my nose when I'm hot! They don't have spring loaded sides but are made of good quality plastic so are quite flexible. I love the black material case they come with, they offer great protection when they aren't in use.
I would use The Glasses Shop again, the savings are great and the products are fab quality, I'm more than happy with the service.
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