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A while ago I reviewed a lovely case from the team over at Case Company, I was so pleased with the quality. They contacted me about a week ago and told me about an exciting new project they were launching called City Marble. It allows you to put your hometown, the place you grew up or even just your favourite place in the world on your technology case!
I was really excited by the project, I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Manchester and still live here today. With recent events in my beautiful city, this review couldn't have come at a better time.
Available for a whole host of mobile phones and technology devices you can get the City Marble design on watever you like. The design process is also really easy once you have selected the device you are creating the City Marble for, for some devices, there is a few choice of case types and designs.
I have the iPhone 5SE and went for the soft effect case in the bright pink colour, my phone (which is being repaired, thanks to a dodgy home button) is in rose gold, so I thought it would compliment it well. When it comes to your City Marble you can type in a place, landmark and even home postcode and it brings up a map. You can then zoom in or out and move the map aorund to find the perfect place for your map. Once you have your placement how you want it you can add emojis and text to your creation.
You can also change to colour if your map, I went for the above colour option as it looks fab with the pink. My case came just 2 days after I ordered it, so I was really pleased with the ease of service. The case is fab quality and looks great, I just need to wait for my phone to come back from the apple gods so I can put it to full use!
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