Tangle Angel Detangling Brush Review

We have massive issues doing Skye's hair and it's a constant daily battle. I have tried a variety of combs and brushes to no avail. We have now gotten to the stage where we run our fingers through her hair after a bath as best we can and her hair is always up in a side ponytail which makes it easy to tame. Some days can be better than others we can get a wide tooth comb through it if we are lucky. Skye has sensory processing disorder, which is a condition that comes alongside autism for some people. This means her senses are heightened so with the head being a sensitive part of your body this is why hair brushing is a sore subject.
The team over at Tangle Angel have sent us one of their professional detangling brushes to try out and see if it makes ours and Skye's life easier. The tangle angel is a professional detangling brush that can be used on both wet and dry hair and can be used on all hair types. The keyring version retails at £4.95 and the large style is £12.95. They come in a range of beautiful colours and styles to suit your style. They are even suitable for use when blow-drying your hair, so it's a great all round brush for the whole family. They even do a pet angel for detangling your pet's fur, I think my hairy Honey could really use one!
The tangle angel is packed with amazing features, special antibacterial additives are embedded into the plastic so your brush is incredibly hygienic. It has great anti static propeties that prevent fly away hairs and leave then soft and smooth. I mentioned above that you can use this for blow drying your hair, it is, in fact, safe to use up to 115oc and the bristles will still keep their shape. My favourite feature is the ergonomonc shape, the handle is a good length and really comfortable to hold.
All these wonderful features would mean nothing if I couldn't get it anywhere near Skye's hair, but she was instantly interested in the tangle angel as she said it looked like a fairy. I asked if I could use the fairy to brush her hair and she was a little reluctant but allowed me to. We tried it on her dry hair first, it had been washed the night before so was quite soft and bouncy and the tangle angel just flew through her hair. She wasn't comfortable with me doing it but she allowed me to and I managed to brush her whole head. It easily went through her hair and there was no lugging or snagging when I did it. She even happily took the tangle angel and had a go herself.
I knew the biggest issue would be brushing her hair when it was wet because it get so knotty, hair washing isn't the easiest with her either, so its a quick shampoo and no conitoner. I was nervous as to how it would go which is why I left it till after she was used to the tangle angel to try. After a week of use she is happily using it on her dry hair and I am finally able to brush her hair sucessfully each day. I am pleased to say that she allowed me to brush her hair when it was wet and for the first time ever she has gone to bed without knots in her hair. Its made hair related issues so much easier for us and Skye loves her fairy brush!
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