Gtech Multi K9 Review

Almost all of my house has wood flooring, apart from the stairs and landing, the Gtech AirRam K9 we reviewed is perfect for the downstairs and upstairs, but it's not great for the stairs. Gtech came to the rescue and sent me the new model Gtech Multi K9 for review.
The unit is strengthened by aluminium components that resist even the toughest wear and tear. The motorised head with rotating brush bar gives outstanding cleaning, cordless freedom and ample run time combined with nine different cleaning modes makes the Gtech Multi K9 the most effective way to vacuum above the floor without compromising on performance. The cleaner retails at £169 which is a great price for a floor to ceiling cleaner as powerful as this.
The machine comes with a multitude of attachments for whatever job you need to complete. The smallest being the dusting brush, this is great for using to dust around the skirting boards and door frames. The crevice tool is great for getting down the side of the sofa and units in the lounge. The extendible hose is great for if you need that little bit of extra length. The long reach hose is ideal for getting those cobwebs out of the corners of the room and round the lamp shades. The most used tool for me is the power brush head, this is perfect for cleaning my stairs and really gets into the corners. I love the LED blue lights that come on when the machine is in use, it helps you to see into the corners as you clean.
Obviously, as the machine is cordless it requires a charge before use, a full 4-hour charge will give around 20 minutes constant use. Now this doesn't sound a lot but it really is, it takes minutes to do the stairs if you do need a little more time you can give the machine a 1-hour boost charge for another 30 minutes cleaning power. The LED indicator above the power switch allows you to see how much cleaning time you have left and when its time to charge.
The dust canister is really easy to empty, it just clicks off the front of the machine and you can empty the contents straight into the bin. The filter is also completely removable for the dust compartment for ease of cleaning. The scent cartridges that slip inside the filter leave a really fresh scent behind as you use the machine, perfect for getting rid of whiffy pet odours as you go! I really love this machine, it is so easy to use and so much lighter (weighs just 1.6kg) the power is amazing. Do take a look at our Youtube video below which gives you a real look at the machine.

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  1. Hi Mandy, I read this with real interest. We purchased the K9 version earlier this year, along with the handheld and I am now convinced our handheld is faulty. Since we received it, I have never been too impressed but lots of people rave about it. I have always found your reviews very honest so I may now speak to their customer service as you make me believe it has the potential to be exactly what we hoped for.

    1. I would definitely get in touch with them, the aftercare service is good,my friends had lost suction and they send a new part for it next day. Mine is still working really well :)


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