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We love to try out new recipes and I love the idea of food subscription boxes that give you the opportunity to do so. I was contacted by Gourmio and offered the chance to try some of their authentic Italian recipes. Gourmio is a London based company selling ready to cook recipe boxes that contain everything you need to cook the real food of Italy in your home. Their mission is to help at home cooks discover the authenticity and simplicity of Italian cuisine.
The box I received contained 3 main meals for me to cook and try out. When you make your purchase you can add as many recipes as you like to your box, choosing from starters and main courses, there is also a section on the website for vegetarian and gluten free recipes. I filmed a video for our Youtube channel showing what the contents of our box were, apologies for the poor quality my camera is away being repaired.

I was really impressed with the packaging of the recipes, they were all packaged separately in their own boxes, so easy to store and keep in order. All of the recipes were wrapped in lambs wool and ice packs to keep them fresh for delivery. I was also really impressed with the length of the use by dates on the contents, some will keep fresh right through until July. I found all the recipe cards really easy to follow, they provide written and photographic instruction which is great. We couldn't wait to try the recipes and got stuck in straight away.
The first recipe we tried was roast pork in wild fennel which claims to be an authentic taste of Calabria. The pork is one of the fundamentals of the traditional Calabrian cuisine and is used in many recipes. The pork is seasoned with wild dill, a popular wild herb found in the centre and the south of Italy. The recipe easily serves 2 and it's a simple 4 step recipe that only requires the use of 2 pans, so no excessive dishes to wash afterwards. We both really enjoyed the pork, it was so tender and the steamed potatoes and courgette compliment it beautifully, we would definitely try this recipe again.
Next up was one we were both excited to try as we both a good pasta dish. The rich creamy tagliatelle alla Ferrarese was a definite hit and again such a simple recipe. The fresh pasta was a delight and cooked beautifully. Once combined with the creamy sauce, prosciutto and spinach the dish was amazing. We both thought the portion size was very generous and even after a generous portion each, there were some leftovers. 
The last dish we tried was lasagne alla bolognese and who doesn't love a lasagne. I have eaten many and made few, so I was apprehensive to try this one. I didn't quite have a dish the right size for the lasagne sheets so sadly it curled up a bit at the edge whilst cooking. It was however really delicious still and simple to make. The sauces came in separate tubs that you simply heat though and they layer up and top with parmesan. It took a few minutes to construct and then it just had to go in the oven. This would be a perfect dish to pre-prepare and just pop in the over at dinner time.

I really enjoyed all 3 recipes and the quality of the ingredients was superb. I was also surprised at how easy the recipes were to make, it shows good food doesn't have to be complicated. The box has given us a real taste of Italian cuisine and left us wanting more. With recipes starting from just £10 I urge you to give them a try, they are ideal for date night or even just a special night in.
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