Pinypon Fairytale Review

We were contacted to see if Miss S would like to try out some of the Pinypon range. Miss S loves little figures and playsets so we, of course, said yes. We were sent a lovely box featuring items from the Fairytale collection. Check out our Youtube video and see me unboxing our delivery and see what Miss S thought of its contents too.

The collection is available from most toys stores including Toysrus and priced at £4.99 for the single figurines and £14.99 for the carriage play set and figurine multi-pack. 
The Pinnochio figures came with our very own little Figaro cat, a paint brush, paint pot and drawing pad. Mary Poppins is amazing, she is definitely my favourite and she comes with her signature bag and umbrella.
We love the Peter Pan set which comes with Peter, Hook and Tinkerbell. You also get a whole host of accessories with the set to use with your figures. The princess carriage is most definitely Miss S favourite item we were sent. The only thing she keeps asking for is the horses! 
I love how interactive all the Pinypon items are, they all have holes in their hands and heads. These holes allow you to attach the provided accessories onto the figures. Another great feature is the 22-way heads on the figures, you just take their hair off and turn the head round and you have a different expression. You can also interchange the heads, hair and accessories so your child can get really creative and mix up their collection. Miss S loves to do this and it was a big draw to her.
As I expected she did indeed love playing with the Pinypon, she renamed them all to her own standards! She got busy right away and soon identified that you can switch their hair and faces, soon Pinocchio had Mary Poppins hair. She really enjoyed the princess carriage and was easily able to open and close it independently. She loved the treasure chest it came with and discovering all the bits and pieces inside. The Pinypon toys get a big thumbs up from both of us and we have really enjoyed playing with them. I think we will definitely be investing in more of the collection.
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  1. My little girl has a one of these dolls and she loves it, She would love the fairytale range. I love the Mary Poppins one xx


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