Easter Fun With Aldi

This Easter Aldi has a fab range of items in the store to keep your little ones busy. I for one am always looking for stuff to keep the kids busy during their two week holiday. Our holiday started on Friday so this box of tricks that arrived over the weekend is going to be a great distraction and keep them busy on the run up to Easter. The range is in store this week and prices start from just 59p, get them whilst stocks last.
This little Easter activity pack is great, it comes with 2 fun activities included. The poster is used for the first game and the pack comes wth 4 game cards. the children have to count how many things they can see and write it on their game cards. It also has a fun game of pin the tail on the rabbit inside!
It wouldn't be Easter without a bit of easter bonnet making, would it? This kit comes with everything you need to make a stunning Easter bonnet. You can add bees, carrots, and brightly coloured Easter eggs to your bonnet.
How cute are these metal buckets? I love how bright and colourful they are and they are going to be great for my little ones to use for our Easter egg hunt. Afterwards, I am going to use them as plant pots in my garden as I just love the colours.
Whether you are looking for additions to your bonnets, making cards or even doing some Easter baking you will definitely need some of these. The little packs of chicks and rabbits are a great addition to your crafting box this Easter.
Here is another bonnet making kit, but this time made out of paper, it looks really simple to do and I am sure Cody is going to love making this with me. 
There is a range of jigsaw books and each book contains 5 jigsaw puzzles for your little one to do. The books also tell the story of the nursery rhyme on the front cover, these would make fab gifts for any younger family members this Easter.
It wouldn't be a half term without some colouring in! It's an all round family favourite in our house and something everyone can enjoy. These giant colouring pads are fab, I will admit I was rather excited when I saw the owl one and I may have hidden that away for myself to doodle on!
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