Our Ultimate Wacky Warehouse Party Experience

On Saturday myself, Cody and 25 of his friends all piled into the Barlow Croft Wacky Warehouse in Didsbury. The party had been booked or about 4 weeks prior to his birthday so the build up has been immense for him. We were sent the invitations 2 weeks prior to the event, you have the option to print your own or call into a branch of Wacky Warehouse with your booking number and collect the invitations yourself.
We were having the ultimate party package with is priced at £12.50 per child, all Wacky Warehouse parties are for a minimum of 10 children. The ultimate package covers everything you could possibly need including a cake! The full package includes:
  • 1 Hour on the play equipment
  • Premium child's buffet
  • A parent food platter
  • Premium party bags
  • A visit from the Wacky Mascot
  • Facepainting
  • Popcorn
  • Cake
  • Fruit Shoots/Capri Suns
  • A party host to do games and serve food
  • Invites
  • Thank You Cards
  • A free play voucher for each child
I think you will agree you get so much for your money and this package is a one-stop shop for the full party experience. We arrived at the venue 15 minutes before our party began and there was a table reserved for us. It was decorated with balloons, a reserved sign and they have even thought to provide large bags to put all his birthday gifts in. 
I was greeted by 2 lovely staff member who took the time to introduce themselves to the birthday boy and made sure he knew that this party was all about him. Once we were seated and waiting for his guests they brought over 2 jugs of squash and lots of popcorn for guests to snack on while they played on the equipment.
The children started to arrive and as they did our party host announced over the microphone that the face painter was available for children from Cody's party to get their face painted. The face painter was fab and she had no trouble with any of the children's requests. Our guests got a full hour on the play equipment before we were taken up to the party area. The venue is a decent size and as we had a morning party it was relatively quiet, it did get busier towards the end of our party, but there were still plenty of places to sit. The staff at Barlow Croft were amazing, I took my daughter to Skye to the party with us and as you know she has autism, she is currently obsessed with microphones and was quick to notice the staff were using one. Thye had no problem in letting her have a go and were very polite and patient with her no matter how many times she went back over to ask about it. Our party host annouced it was time for Cody's party guests to go up to the party room and asked all the children to line up at the stairs. The party host did a head count to ensure all children were present before we started to go up.
The children got their mascot visit, he came out and played some party games with them all. They love it, we played Wesley Says and sang some songs before sitting down to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. I've been to so many soft play parties before and this added that extra fun element.
I love that the cake is included in this package, it so much easier than lugging a cake all the way there, especially if you don't drive like us. You get 1 cake per 10 children and your host will even cut up the cake and add it to your party bags for you. Every child at our party took a piece home and we still had a whole cake to take home for our family to enjoy so they are a really good sized cake, it was pretty yummy too.
After cake, the party hosts starts started to bring the food out and there was plenty of it! Each place setting had a Capri sun, ketchup, plate and a cup for extra juice. The children wee free to pick whatever they like and the party host served them their food, the parents didn't have to lift a finger. The food on offer for the children included:
  • Hot Dogs
  • French Fries
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches Ham or Cheese
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Fish Fingers
  • Onion Rings
  • Garlic Bread
  • Pepper and Carrot Sticks
  • Ice Cream for pudding
There was something for everyone and they definitely all had full bellies. For every 10 children at the party with the ultimate package, you also get an adults food platter. The adult's platter had fries, battered scampi, chicken wings, onion rings and garlic bread. Everyone was well fed and we all agredd that the food was great quality. We still had a lot of food left over and our host informed us we could make a few platters up and take them downstarsi with us while the children carried on playing.
The final job of our excellent party host was to provide the party bag, the ultimate package offers you deluxe party bags in 2 design pirates and princesses. The bag had crayons, coluring sheets, jigsaw, pizzles and a free play voucher so all our guests can come and visit Wacky Warehouse again soon. Our party was over afeter the food was finished as its a 2-hour slot, but there was no pressure to leave right away, we still had ur reserved table downstairs so the children all went off to play for a bit longer. Around 30 minutes later they all started to head home and Cody was more than ready to go home. We gathered all our things and thanked our host, Cody had a great time being the star of the show. Make sure you check out my Youtube channel and take a look at our Ultimate Party Package video.

I think the Ultimate package provides great value for money, at only £12.50 per child they have covered every single base. All you have to do is turn up on the day with your guests and enjoy the party, no fuss, no mess to clear and the children will be guaranteed to have a blast. I thoroughly recommend the package and if £12.50 is a bit much for you they offer lots of other packages to suit all budgets. 

Thanks For Reading

*I was invited to Wacky Warehouse as a member of Tots100, the party was free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  1. Looks fun, haven't been to the wacky warehouse in years

  2. christine shelley9 March 2017 at 08:40

    Ive been to the Warehouse up north with my great neice and I wholeheartedly agree with you they love it

  3. Never been to a Wacky Warehouse, but been to similar, the kids love them! And they are great party ideas!

  4. I love the look of these types of party, will definitely be looking into it for my son's next birthday x

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  6. Grandson goes about once a month while grandma and mum have a brew and a snack

  7. Nieces and nephews love these and love gettin me involved which is v funny lol

  8. I have been to many parties at soft play

  9. Margaret Clarkson
    We don't have one of these near to us but it sounds absolutely splendid. I'm impressed it includes some food for parents and thank you cards.

  10. What a great place for a party
    Looks like loads of fun

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  13. my son once had a party at a wackey warehouse it was really good fun.

  14. wackey warehouse if brilliant fun my granddaughter loves it there

  15. Have been to Whackey warehouse with my grandchildren , always a hit

  16. Spencer Broadley26 March 2017 at 09:01

    We have a Wacky Warehouse near us and the boys love it - also been to a birthday party there and the staff were brilliant

  17. We have a wacky warehouse by us and the kids love it always take them there when we get the chance xx

  18. Good old Wacky Warehouse. Been a while since we went to any local ones

  19. Nieces and nephews love these and love gettin me involved which is v funny lol

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