Where Have I Been?

My more eagle-eyed readers have noticed I haven't been around for a while, in fact it is almost 2 months since my last actual post. I would like to start by thanking each and every one of you who have sent me messages via the facebook page and dm'ed on twitter asking where I am, rather than reply individually I thought I would blog the explanation.

Life can be very hectic in our house and to be honest after the pre-Christmas post rush I wasn't really feeling it. I decided I wasn't going to write the blog anymore, I was too busy and with 2 college courses and a 2-day placement I just didn't have the time. On top of this I just hadn't been feeling myself, sine early December I had been suffering from awful headaches that were taking over my life and making me bed bound. I needed to rest, take stock and look after myself or a while.

So since December I have been studying, working placement and trying to get on with these debilitating headaches. I am not one for doctors surgeries and very rarely attend the Doctors, I'm not a great patient if I'm honest! But on January 9th I had another episode of headaches that knocked me off my feet and my family insisted I went to the doctors, being me I left it till after work on Wednesday to go as I was too busy.
I was sent straight from the doctors to the hospital as the doctors were adamant that I wasn't having migraines and I had a bleed on the brain. I was admitted straight from the assessment unit and was kept hostage for 5 days!

During those 5 days, I was poked, prodded and scanned to within an inch of my life. I spent most of the time doped up on morphine and felt very sorry for myself. I had a CT scan, angiogram and a lumbar puncture all to rule out a bleed on my brain. The lumbar puncture was the final piece of the jigsaw to fully rule this out and that was a big fat fail! I had a failed epidural in 2011 during a c section and had to have a general anaesthetic, the anaesthetist couldn't get a needle into my spine. With this in mind, it was decided my lumbar puncture would take place in theatre with a radiologist, so constant images could be taken for guidance and give the best possible chance of success. I was down in theatre for 3 hours and they were unable to get the needle into where they needed to go, it tunes out I have a very narrow spinal space and also my spine is slightly curved! I was sent back up to the ward with 11 puncture wounds in my back from the multiple attempts and no further forward in going home!

I was then seen by a Consultant Neurologist from Salford hospital, he said they couldn't fully rule out a bleed on the brain and he was positive I had Reversible Cerebral Neuroconstriction Syndrome or RCVS for short. In short, it's a condition that affects the blood vessels in my brain and causes the pain. The treatment for a bleed and RCVS is the same, so I was started on a course of medication to prevent the vessels constricting. I had to stay in for another 36 hours to ensure the new medication works. I have to take it every 6 hours, including waking in the night to take it, I was relieved to have some sort of answer and on the route to being home. After the first dose, I slept for 2 hours and woke up for the first time in 6 weeks without a headache. I was made to stay another full day to ensure it wasn't a fluke and was finally allowed home. I'm still on medication, have a long lost of things I have to avoid such as caffeine, alcohol and any cold or flu remedies. I am due back to see my neurologist in March and will see what the long term plan is then. They currently can't tell me if when I come off the medication the RCVS will come back or it will be gone completely. So, for the time being, I am just taking some time to care for me. I am fully back at slimming world, I rejoined my old group last week and it feels like being home. I am looking forward to sharing my weekly weight losses with you again and there will be some fab reviews and giveaways coming your way if at a slightly slower pace.
Thanks For Reading
  1. Glad your being able to post again xx have missed your update posts x cheryl hadfield

  2. Welcome back! Glad you're on the road to recovery.

  3. Welcome back I was worried about you and rightly so. Bless you've been in the wars but I'm pleased the treatment is working and your condition seems to be under control. Missed your posts especially the weight loss been actually trying one of the things which you blogged about. Much love Gillian x


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