Weekly Weigh In - The New Beginning

You may have wondered where the weekly weigh in posts have been! I just haven't had the time to write them and if I'm honest I haven't been fully on plan since the school holidays. I have been trying out lots of different weight loss products and successfully shed some lbs. I am now in a proper routine and things are settling in my personal life so it's time to get fully back on plan! So I decided it's about time the weekly posts began again. I find that writing about my weight loss really helps me stay on track!

Obviously, there is no weight loss results this week as its the beginning of my journey again, But I have planned my meals for the week and also pre-panned lunches to fit around work and college. I am hoping these small changes will see better results in my journey this time. My weekly weigh in post will be up every Tuesday and I hope you will join me each week with my triumphs and tribulations!
Thanks For Reading

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