Lily's Driftwood Bay Soft Toys review

If you have little ones that you may well have been watching Lily's Driftwood Bay on Nickelodeon. Lilys is a little girl who creates a world of adventure with the things she finds washed up on the beach. I have the perfect 2 little cuddly toys here for our younger Lily's Driftwood Bay fans here, both available from Golden Bear Toys for £9.99 each.
The Lily soft doll is a lovely size for the younger child, she has a thinner body and a big cuddly head. Her clothing is all multi-textured from her soft hair, denim dress and cotton sleeves give a lovely multi-sensory sensation. She is the ideal size for talking out in the buggy, small enough to pop in your changing bag when your little one decided to chuck her out! When you squeeze her tummy she says phrases that your child will recognise from the show. Check out my video below to hear what she says.
I love the salty dog cuddly, he is similar to Lily with his multi-textured body and his talking abilities. They go perfectly together and deserve to be in a set of 2. Having both also gives the opportunity for some back and forth imaginative play options.
Miss S was my tester for the toys and she loved having some imaginative play fun. It's lovely to see her engage with toys. We give a lot of encouragement when it comes to playing opportunities for Miss S and it's really paid off. These type of cause and effect toys are great for encouraging interactive play, she really enjoyed pressing their tummies and hearing them talk.
The fact they talk is an added bonus for play options and the younger child will definitely enjoy that element. I made a short demo clip for our Youtube channel to shoe the sound function of both toys. You can buy both of these soft toys online or instore from Argos.
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