Justins House Playset Review

Mr C loves Justin's house, well he pretty much loves any programme that has Justin in, since he met him on a day out he's been starstruck. Now Christmas is on the way we are getting lots of lovely products to review that are going to make the perfect gift this Christmas. This Justin's House Playset from Golden Bear toys retails at £34.99.
Fans of Justin's House are going to love the Justin's House playset - it brings to life all you see on the show! With lots of fun and exciting features to discover including 2 figurines; Justin and Robert the Robot, visitor character cards, Little Monster pop-ups, sounds from the show, and more. Children can also sing along to the theme tune as they do on the show. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over due to small removable parts.
I love how well made this playset is and that the pieces can be moved around for free play. The sofa, clock and hotel counter can be moved around. There is a lovely little monster feature in the playset, there are yellow levers around the house that you press and the little monster pops out. The hotel reception desk has 2 buttons on that play several different sounds from the show including the Justin's House theme tune.
Miss S really enjoyed the hinged front door that you can swing open and closed, she also liked changing the cards and signing the "who's at the door song" The Justin and Robert figures are a really good size, Miss S is 8 and they weren't too small for her to be able to play easily, so I reckon they are a geat size for ages 3+ to play with nicely.
On the top floor in the bedroom, the duvet cover flips back off the bed allowing you to put Justin actually in his bed. You can then flip the duvet back over and leave him to sleep off all the fun until next time you play. Poor Robert will have to make do with sleeping on the sofa! Both Miss S and Mr C enjoyed playing with this playset and we would definitely recommend it for your Justin's House fans this Christmas. I hope you enjoy my little Youtube demo below, it will give you an up-close look at the playset.

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  1. We love Justin and his many personas in our house, this set is awesome.


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