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It's that time of year again, I can't believe it came around so quickly this year. I have been a busy bee searching and gathering all the best items you need to have this Christmas. Rather than have an endless guide, this year I have broken it down into sections. This is the gift guide for all things food and drink, no matter what you're looking for whether it be wine or chocolates can find it here.
For the fudge lover you can't go wrong with a box of Mr Stanleys luxury all butter fudge. My Grandma loved a bit of fudge, so we always got a box every Christmas, This luxury is so creamy and really melts in the mouth, a real Christmas treat.
How about a cracker filled with yummy truffles, the deliciously moreish Monty Bojangles truffles. The shiny cracker contains a bag of lightly dusted chocolate truffles if you have a  truffle lover then these are the truffles for them!
My Mum loves liquorice, now I'm  not a fan myself but I love how novel these look. They will be perfect for my Mum with the pink sprinkle on the end. A proper old fashioned treat for Christmas.
The award-winning CHOC Chick Starter Kit is an introduction to raw chocolate making and has enough ingredients to make around 30-40 raw chocolates or 3 bars and over 30 truffles. A great gift for someone who loves chocolate to make their own chocolates.
There is a bit of a fan base for salted caramel and these chocolate matches fit the bill perfectly. A delicious stick of milk chocolate with a hint of salted caramel and finished with a white chocolate tip
A shining star of a chocolate box guaranteed to add sparkle to any get-together or pile of gifts this Christmas! Containing beautifully crafted star-shaped white, milk and dark chocolates, including pralines, truffles, honeycomb and fudge, this gorgeous gift box has a chocolate for everyone.
Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight - £9.99
Another family favourite in the RTR house, this box is the perfect sharing selection, The pretty box is filled with delicately flavoured rose and lemon Turkish delight. They are great for sharing after a meal and make a  lovely change from after dinner mints.
When it comes to Advent Calendars, there are two kinds of people. One counts down to Christmas by opening a door a day, guessing who will be hiding behind it first. The other slides the tray right out of the box, eats the chocolates in one go, then opens the doors by stealth so nobody notices! Whichever you think you are, our solid reindeer, snowmen, penguins and enchanted spruces in creamy 40% milk chocolate could change your mind as you savour or scoff. Will yours make it all the way to Christmas Eve?
How about saying what you feel with chocolate? You can spell out your special message and Morse Toad will sent it through the post for you. Each chocolate block is really chunky and your recipient gets to eat your message piece by piece.  Do you have a special message you want to send? How about sending a chocolate Christmas card!
Do you love a sweet treat? I love to give them as gifts instead of a boring old selection box. Do you have a family favourite in your house?
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