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It's that time of year again, I can't believe it came around so quickly this year. I have been a busy bee searching and gathering all the best items you need to have this Christmas. Rather than have an endless guide, this year I have broken it down into sections. This is the gift guide for children, preschoolers or teenagers I will have a gift here for them.
These Childs Farm products will make a perfect stocking filler for Christmas. All Childs Farm products are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, and it is approved by dermatologists. The latest scent in their collection is the blackberry and organic apple and it smells delicious.
T-Rex Cruncher - £10.00
This is perfect for your dinosaur loving child, the T-Rex cruncher from the Natural History Museum shop is well made and brightly coloured. It is one of the best sellers online and as you crunch his jaws open he lets out a ferocious roar.
Flying Tiger Diy Elf - £3
This is a perfect Christmas craft for your handy little ones. This lovely set from Flying Tiger makes a brightly coloured soft toy. It's ideal for practising sewing skills and all you need to do is stuff it with wadding and it's their own home made cuddly toy.
Penguin Float Bath Game - £4.99
If your little ones love a bath then this is a great game for them to play while they are having a splash about in the tub. The aim of the game is to get all of the penguins balanced on top of the floating iceberg! 
Dinosaur Snap - £7.00
It takes quick wit and a keen eye to triumph in this fast-paced matching game. A fun and frantic card game. Players match dinosaur images as quickly as possible, collecting the most to win. The perfect stocking filler or travel game.
Measuring 28cm high and made from super soft plush fabric, Fuse features a unique facial expression to match their distinctive personality! Talk to him and he talks back, put him on the floor and watch him run away! Perfect for your active child who won't mind chasing him around.
Christmas doesn't really begin until the tree is up and all the festive decorations have been added. So get into the spirit of things early this year with this brilliantly festive Create A Christmas Scene Mug. A standard drinking mug with Christmas Tree decal, this is a creative gift that allows you to have fun and decorate your Christmas Tree in your own style, as many times and in as many different ways as you like! The Christmas Tree Mug comes with over 70 reusable stickers that can be used again and again, each time creating your own unique Christmas Tree for your very own personalised festive mug.
The Little Boy who lost his name is a completely personalised book for your little one. You create the book and each story is unique dependant on your child's name. The child goes on an adventure and discoveries lots of animals along the way, each animal starts with a letter out of their name. By the end of the story, they will have spelt out their missing name. Also available as the little girl who lost her name.
In Scotland Yard, one of the players takes on the role of Mr X. His job is to move from point to point around the map of London taking taxis, buses or subways. The detectives – that is, the remaining players acting in concert – move around similarly in an effort to move into the same space as Mr X. But while the criminal's mode of transportation is nearly always known, his exact location is only known intermittently throughout the game.
This fairy door set is designed in Ireland and sprinkled with real magic, ready for you to decorate before your fairy moves in! Each of the fairy doors comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the family / fairy lease agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the fairy welcome guide.
The Rubik’s Cube is the classic colour-matching puzzle that’s a great mental challenge at home or on the move. Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one colour. Over “43 Quintillion” (that’s 43 with 18 zeros to you and me) moves are possible with this original 3x3 cube, but there is only one solution!
Simple, but incredibly addictive, Dig In is both hilarious and challenging; a whole new kind of game for kids of eight and over. Dig and delve to complete your card - there are six crucial pieces to ferret out from the full-to-busting 'Dig In' bowl. Tricky, tricky... and we've not even mentioned the pop-up timer, which gives you just fifteen seconds of frantic rummaging before you're done! Then it's the pandemonium of the final round - forget 'taking turns' and just GO FOR IT, as all and sundry dive in for their missing pieces!
The Big Red Activity Boat has been cleverly designed to combine developmental learning with imaginative play with fun sounds, songs, flashing lights and activities galore! The pull along feature will help to strengthen children's legs and aid their overall balance. Learning elements within the Big Red Boat reflect the educational content of the show itself, providing children with reinforcement through simple word learning. Great BigHoo and Peekaboo figurines are included and are the perfect size for little hands to grasp, these colourful figurines will help children to develop fine motor skills whilst encouraging them to use their imagination through pretend play.
Counting is the cat's meow with Count and Crawl Kitty. Kids 9 months and up can press Kitty's colourful keys to hear fun and frisky phrases about numbers 1-20, explore mew-sical notes from high to low and create their own tunes. Younger babies will love sitting and batting Kitty's yarn to hear special counting and learning songs, such as "Tummy, Whiskers, Tongue and Paws". Once on the move, little ones can crawl, push and learn along with Kitty while developing number and motor skills.
This classic toy sports car will give your little one hours of fun. It is compatible with the Little Tikes Big Car Carrier and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is available in a choice of 4 bright colours, the perfect stocking filler.
Launch imaginations and starry night dreams with Scout’s Goodnight Light, the 2-in-1 nightlight and torch from LeapFrog. In torch mode, Scout’s Goodnight Light projects all eight planets onto the wall and astro-pups Scout and Violet invite children to explore the solar system, count stars, find colours and more. In night time mode, little ones can drift off to sleep with glowing stars and numbers that shift from red to blue to green. Easy controls let parents choose 10 or 20 minutes of solar wind, environmental sounds or special lullabies sung by Scout. Set the volume to low, high or mute for a soothing ride to sleep.
How about a fun cushion with a meaning behind it? Love Bomb cushions have the whole range of Emojis available. The cushions come in 20 styles and are priced at just £9.99, the smaller shelf buddies are just £4.99. There is also a range of slippers and keyrings, the perfect stocking filler gift with a bit of humour thrown in!
Mountain Junior is a high-performance ski sock for fun family days on the slopes, featuring MerinoFusion™ SKI technology, which brings together Merino Wool and technical fibres to provide balanced insulation with the highest layers of comfort. With socks so comfortable, tiny toes won’t feel a chill, so kids can enjoy the slopes from dawn until dusk. Available in 4 colour ways and 3 different sizes.
The perfect gifts for all can be found at Smiggle, whether you want second pencils of a new rucksack they have it all, and all in fabulous bold colours. The A5 pencil case is £10 and is filled with a notebook, pencil, ruler, 4 scented highlighters and a sharpener. The Swirl watch is £13 and perfect for your learner, the digital displays shoes to time, date and seconds counter. It's even available in a choice of colours. The crazy Pompom scented pen is just £3.50 and who can resist a fluffy pen!! The perfect stocking filler.
Do you have Christmas all wrapped up yet? Or are you a last minute shopper? I hope you found this guide useful. Is there anything you would add to the must have list this Christmas?
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