Aldi Christmas Range Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have seen the recent Aldi Halloween post, well I am back again but this time with some fab items from the Aldi Christmas collection. It's really got me excited for the festive season and I really can't wait to break out the decorations! The range is out online and in store from November 17th, but hurry with prices like these they won't last long!
Aldi Tree Cut Out Lights
I love these little Christmas tree lights, they look just like mini gingerbread cutters. They are strung on a clear wire and are battery operated, so you can use them anywhere you like. They are priced at £3.99 and available in lots of different designs. They would be great for using in the kid's rooms or even as a pretty table decoration.
Aldi Remote Controlled Wall Sockets
This is ingenious! When you have all your Christmas lights plugged in and you have to go around switching them all off. These remote controlled wall sockets save you the hassle and you can do it at the touch of a button! Plug your decorations into the transformer and the programmable remote enables you to switch them off 1 by 1, there is even a master button if you want to switch all of the lights plugged in at the same time. You get 4 wall sockets in the set and they are priced at £17.99
Aldi Christmas Village Scene
This Christmas scene is part of a range of 4 available from just £9.99 each. This wooden tower will look great with your traditional Christmas decorations. It has a really rustic look and the fairy lights inside make it really stand out. The back of the house opens up so you can get to the battery operated lights.
Aldi Net LightThis net light is £19.99 and is perfect for your Christmas tree with 240 warm white lights on it. No more having to wind your lights around the tree and get your display, just simply drop this over the top and add your decorations. The lights have 8 different functions from flashing to slow fade, check out my Youtube video to see all the functions. 
Christmas Parcel Lights
I was so excited when I saw these in my parcel! I have wanted some present lights for ages but Mr RTR wouldn't allow me to expand the decoration collection. These parcel lights are £14.99 and available in 4 colours, so you can match your theme. I love the red ones and they will match my decorations perfectly. What I love about these is that the light function changes, you have 8 different functions available. The parcels all stack inside each other for easy storage and the bows on the top of the parcels come off! Love them and they are a great price too.
Now Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a garden inflatable, would it? Aldi has a range of 6ft inflatables for £19.99. We were sent this rather Jolly snowman, if you have seen my Youtube video you will know how much I love him. He comes with his own anchors so you can pin him on the lawn and stop him blowing off. The extension cord is quite long and once plugged in the fan kicks in and off he blows!
I'm really excited for Christmas now and can't wait to get all my Aldi decorations out and add them to my collection. If you want to get your hands on some then do hurry as they are only available whilst stocks last.
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  1. Love the presents - quie fancy some of those - but deffo need some of the remote controlled wall sockets! No more straining my back reaching round the tree to turn it on!


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