Trolls Wig And Bracelet Review

Now unless you lived under a rock in the 90's then you will know all about the Trolls! Well now in 2016 they have had a revival. At this moment in time, you may be being harassed by your children to go and see the Trolls movie currently in the cinema. We haven't made it to the just yet, we plan to go during half term, but we have been sent a Poppy wig and hug time bracelet to play with and get us all excited to go and watch.
The most iconic and recognisable aspect of any troll is its hair and Poppy has a bright pink mane of hair on her head. The Poppy wig is available from Argos for £12.99 and comes pre-styled with Poppy's blue flower headband. Miss S was a bit reluctant to try the wig at first as she isn't keen on things touching her head. But once it was on and she realised it was comfortable she loved it. She loved looking at her reflection! The wig is stretchy so will fit most little heads. I like that the hair is styled up, so it's not going to get all tangled and luggy after a few uses.
The Hug Time Bracelet is priced at £9.99 and sits on a lovely stretchy velcro fasten strap. The face looks like flowers and there is switch on the side that you slide. When you slide the switch you hear Poppy say "Hug Time", It replicates the hourly Troll tradition of hugging each hour and I can always use an excuse to give my little ones a hug. Poppy is on the bracelet face with her arms outstretched ready for a big hug. The bracelet is suitable for ages 3+, the band is really stretchy so will fit most wrist sizes, even I can get it on and fasten it. Miss S loved hearing the Hug Time call and pressed the button continually, she drove her brothers mad, but she just loves it.
They are the perfect combination for some imaginative Trolls play and it has sparked Miss S's excitement to go and see the film. These are just 2 of the items available from the range at Argos which are sure to be popular choices this Christmas.
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  1. These are going to be on everyone's Christmas list this year
    Miss S looks well suited

  2. Like the wig, would be great for Halloween.

    Rachel Craig

  3. love the pictures, can tell Skye really enjoyed interacting with bracelet and role play CHERYL HADFIELD

  4. Looks like a great movie, looking forward to seeing it

  5. my daughter has asked for this for Christmas. She loves the movie

  6. I shouldn't be surprised that Trolls are making a comeback more than 50 years after the toys were first produced as they are SOooooo cute. Thanks for the lovely review.


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