Teksta Toucan Review

So a few weeks ago we had lots of fun playing with the Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy and putting it through its paces. The children loved it and last week we took delivery of the fab Teksta Toucan and have been trying it out over the weekend.
Another electronic animal stealing the show this autumn is Teksta Toucan. Teksta Toucan is no ordinary electronic bird… this ultra-intelligent Toucan tells jokes, plays games and can even perform magic tricks to keep his owner entertained. He sits on his perch and moves his head, wings, body and back for ultimate engagement. There are two options of play: normal, using him as a standalone toy with his multiple pre-programmed features; or with the further content downloaded from a free app that will lead to more comprehensive responses.
The Toucan is great fun and he has lots of different functions. There are 2 buttons on the front of the unit, one button makes the Toucan say random phrases everytime you push the button. The other button makes the Toucan sing 1 of 3 different songs. The children loved this basic function of the Toucan and spent a long time playing with it like this.
The one function that both my boys thought was hilarious is the room guard function. You set your bedroom and whenever anyone walks past him he will shout "stop who goes there". The boys absolutely loved it and if he only did this they would love him!
You can also get the Teksta app for your smartphone or tablet and add a whole new element of play to the Toucan. There are 4 modes of play via the app, you can teach him tricks, put him in pirate mode, play games and teach him to talk. You can train your Toucan to say things such as Good Moring and You're looking well. The boys had great fun interacting with the app and it held their attention for quite a while.
It's a great interactive toy and very eye catching with his bright blue wings, the fact tats its fully interactive means it will keep the child's attention for a while, what child doesn't like at toy that talks back, He moves up and down on his perch, flaps his wings and his eyes light up, he even dances along wth the songs he sings. My gang loved trying out the Teksta Toucan and would definitely recommend it.
The Teksta Toucan is available from Character Online priced at £59.99, it is sure to be a well-requested item this Christmas so get your nice and early.
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  1. I liked the sound of this Toucan, but how long did the kids actually play with him. I know at first because he is new, but did they go back to him after a few days?


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