Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset Review

We first discovered the Pet Parade range in March this year and its still a firm favourite with the children. We have previously reviewed the Pet Parade Play Garden and The Pet Parade Playset, they are still well played with and we have a new addition to our Pet Parade collection this week.
The Pet Parade Scooter playset lets Mummy and baby ride around all day on their scooter. The sets retail at £14.99 and each set comes with 2 scooters, 1 mummy, 1 baby, 2 bibs and 2 helmets. Pet Parade puppies walk and have realistic movements. They can be made to walk and move by using the joystick button on their back. The babies can attach to their Mummy's tail and follow her around. Each pet comes with their own tag so you can customise the tag and name your pet.
The main thing we love about the Pet Parade range is that they require no batteries, so you get endless play opportunities. The sets and dogs are also extremely well made and even the set we got back in March looks good as new after lots of play.
The scooters are really cute and Miss S really loves this new element to her Pet Parade play options. The pets also have their very own lead so you can play with your pets with your other playsets too. Miss S has spent most of her time though making her pets scoot up and down the living room floor. She loves the detail on her pets and she has named both of them Fluffy!
If you head over to Youtube you can see the Pet Parade Youtube channel, there are 8 webisodes for your child to watch and enjoy.
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  1. My nephew loves these too
    He's rather like Miss S and would happily play all day


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