Epson ET-3600 Ecotank Printer Review

Now I'm officially a student again I have entered the realms of having to print off assignments and essays. Our ancient Epson printer died last year and I never got around to replacing it and I didn't realise how much we missed it, until now. The team at Epson kindly sent me the Epson ET-3600 printer to review and see how it measure up to my needs.
The main difference between this and my old Epson is the ink, gone are the cartridges and hello to a built-in ink tank that you just refill as needed. The printer actually comes with 2 years worth of ink so it's good to go. The printer is completely wireless and has wifi and Bluetooth capability, both of which are really easy to set up. There is 1 simple set up leaflet in the box and it takes around 30 minutes to set up completely, 20 minutes of this is for the ink to run through the printer, so minus this time the set up would only be 10 minutes. I always think with technical items it's much easier to see the set up than talk about it so take a look at my Youtube demo below.
I am impressed with the build of the printer, its really well made and even the pullout rest for the paper has good hinges on. Things like this are important when you have 4 inquisitive children pulling things open and closed all the time. The Epson ET-3600 not only prints it can scan documents and you can copy to, so it is an all round machine suitable for a home office and busy family.
One of my favourite features of the printer is the hidden paper tray, my old printer as a back loading paper ramp that would only hold around 30 sheets. The Epson ET3600 has a pullout tray that can hold 150 sheets and as its hidden, it will stay clean and dust free until its needed. The paper tray has markings and sliders in so you can adjust it to fit different sizes of paper and it even fits envelopes.You can even use photo paper in it and print off your photographs the colour qulaity is amazing. Below is a print out of a toy I photogtraphed, this is printed on plain A4 paper as I had no photopaer to hand, but the quality is still really good.
Once set up you can the printer has wifi capability so you can print from anywhere as long as you have the connection, you can even print from your mobile phone. As this is a wireless printer it doesn't come with a cable to plug into your laptop or computer. You get a power cable to plug it in but everything else is wireless enabled. If  you would prefer a cable to connect to your device they can be picked up quite cheaply. The main control panel is on the front of the printer and it has a digital display. It's really simple to use, select whether you are going to scan, copy or print, type in the number of copies and then select black & white or colour and off you go. As you can see from the video above the speed of printing of crazily fast, it's definitely the fastest printer I have ever used, This printer also has the capability to print double sided.
This is a close up of the ink tank, it is under the flap on the left-hand side of the machine, I love how clearly labelled it is, colour coded and numbered. You get 2 bottles of each colour ink in the box, which will print roughly 11'000 sheets. The amount of ink included equates to around 50 ink cartridges, so the savings are huge. The replacement ink bottles are £12.99 for black and £8.49 for the coloured, so it's just over £40 for a full set of ink. This will last you around a year, so when you do manage to get through your 2 years supply its only going to cost you £40 a year to run your printer, which is  a saving of about 70% compared to buying and replacing cartridges.
I am really impressed with the Epson ET-3600 and believe it warrants the price tag, it retails at £350 and is available to buy direct from the Epson website. I think it's definitely worth the initial outlay as you are going to save so much money not having to replace ink all the time. 
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  1. Hi Mandy, how's the photo quality of this printer? Can you print some photos using a plain paper and a photo paper and show it here? I'm quite curios how good (or bad) its photo printing capability. Thanks!

    1. I found the quality and detail really good for photographs. I didnt have photo paper and used plain A4 and the quality is pretty good. I can imagine on photo quality paper it will be so much better too.


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