Chillfactor Milkshake Maker Review

We have a new item to review from Chillfactor this week. Earlier in the year, we reviewed the Icecream Magic Tray and the Drinks Bottle, so we were excited to add to our collection and see how the milkshake maker works.
The ChillFactor Milkshake Maker retails at £9.99 and makes delicious, frozen, foamy milkshakes in minutes! You just freeze the special milkshake maker, then pour in your flavoured milk and watch the magic begin! So easy to do and in minutes you'll have thick, foamy, frozen milks. 
Sounds great doesn't it, we were eager to see if it was as easy as it sounds to get a yummy frozen milkshake. The first thing you need to do is put the inner soft cylinder into the freezer for around 6 hours to solidify.
Once it's frozen then you can insert it into the cup, place the ring on top and you are ready to go. You pour in some flavoured milk and ensure it's below the rim of the cup. You can then insert the blades into the cup and screw on the lid. Make sure the straw hole is plugged before you start mixing, or you will get covered in the milkshake.
Mr D did find it a  bit of struggle to turn the mixing handle, it was a bit stiff, but he got into a rhythm and was able to do it. You need a combination of mixing and shaking to create your frozen milkshake for about 3 minutes.
Mr D was pretty impressed with his final mixture, you can use the spoon or straw to drink and scoop your frozen mix out. This will get lots of use in the summer, not that it being cold outside will put my kids off wanting frozen milkshake all the time. It's a fab bit of kit and it worked really well for us and the kids love it. 
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  1. It looks great fun
    My nephews would love this even in winter might get them one for Christmas

  2. Looks great, my daughters favourite treat is chocolate milkshake

  3. I like the look of this; my niece lives in South Africa and it is summer there, maybe I should send her one x


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