#Blogtober16 - Day 8

Welcome back to #Blogtober16, Day 7 was all about why I started blogging, go take a read if you like. Today's brief is all about my favourite tv shows and I have narrowed it down ti 4 of my favourite as I didn't want to bore you with all of them ;)
When I saw this advertised during series 1 I knew that I would love it. My favourite types of books are all based on wartime childhoods, so the idea of finding out about midwives during that time intrigued me. I have so far watched every series and am patiently waiting to see if there will be a new series this winter! I still need to track down the book the series is based on.
I have watched Casualty for as long as I can remember, it was a Saturday night staple in our house. Even when I got my own place I still watched it, I even went as far as not going out partying until I had watched casualty haha
Another show from my youth that I am not ashamed to say I still watch today. In fact as I type this I am watching my recorded episodes. I don't have the time to watch it at 6.30pm anymore as we are busy with bedtime routine at that time. Some people hate it and yes they repeat the story lines, but I think most shows are guilty of that aren't they?
An oldy but definitely a goodie, who didn't like a bit of Byker Grove in the 80's I still remember watching when Pj was blinded during the paintball game. It was cult viewing in the 80's and I was properly hooked on it. Plus Ant and Dec were pretty fit then haha

What were your favourite tv shows. I would love to hear them. See you tomorrow for Day 9 :)
  1. Oh my goodness byker grove. Loved that show. Love hollyoaks and casualty is my fav. Watched it for years x

  2. Great choices! I loved Call The Midwife, I haven't watched the more recent series though. #Blogtober16

  3. I loved Biker Grove - what a classic! I always quite fancied Dec. I still love their TV shows now even though they are quite cheesy.

  4. I loved Byker Grove! Random fact about me, I once filmed as an extra for the last series! I was doing a television and media degree and they came to do filming in our building so they let the degree students come and watch/ help out on set/ be extras. I used to love casualty too, it was my Saturday night show for years. I only stopped watching when I moved to Northern Ireland and we lived at my father in laws for a while and he didn't watch it. It was hard to get back in to it after that!

  5. Ahh! I have Casualty on my list too....I just got back into watching it!
    I LOVE Hollyoaks. Some days I will watch the E4 episode then watch it the next day at 6.30pm too. hehehe #Blogtober16


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