#Blogtober16 - Day 7

Welcome to day 7 of #Blogtober, Yes! I made it a full week, Go Me!! Today's brief is what made you start blogging. If you want to read Day 6 that was all my favourite ever Christmas present.

But now back to today's brief, this blog has been running for well over a year, but I have in fact been blogging for 4 years. Prior to Raising The Rainbows I wrote at Life With ASD and Me for 3 years before taking a break from the blogging world. I have read blogs for a number of years and have previously been an avid comper. It was through this that I started writing my own blog.

I started writing about the children's diagnoses, hospital appointments and just life in general. After a year I started to be approached by PR's and offered some amazing opporitnies and the blog really took off. I then hit a bit of a hectic span in my life, busy with the kids and the blog tailed off for a bit. After a few months I realised how much I missed the real side of blogging, not the reviews and stuff but my online diary. During the time I was out of the game my domain expired :( So I had to start a fresh and Raising The Rainbows was born!

I don't have as much time as I would like anymore to blog, between college and placement I only have Mondays, so I am really selective about what I take on now. I do love my blog and am really proud of it, its hard work but you only get back what you put in!
See You For Day 8
  1. Aha! Life With ASD and Me! I knew you had an older blog but couldn't think of the name.
    I started blogging because of comping too....


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