#Blogtober16 - Day 6

Welcome back to #Blogtober16 and Day 6, I have nearly made it a full week! I am impressed with myself LOL. Day 5 was all about what you wanted to be when you were a child. The brief for today is favourite Christmas or birthday present ever. This was an easy one for me and goes back to a Christmas in the 90's
My birthday is in August and I remember mithering my Mum all summer for a Game Boy for my birthday. My Mum worked 2 jobs to make sure we always got what we needed, not always what we wanted. A Game Boy in the 90's was a lot of money and I knew I was a bit far reaching asking for one for my birthday. So I wasn't too disappointed when I didn't unwrap one, I was grateful for what I did get and forgot all about owning a Game Boy and my best mate let me use hers whenever I was around there to get my Tetris fix. November rolled around and Mum asked us for our Christmas lists and we all sat leafing through the Argos catalogues. It didn't cross my mind to add a Gameboy to my list as I really wanted a new bike and a typewriter. Christmas morning came around and we all started to dig into our presents. I was only about 5 presents in and picked up a square parcel, I tore it open and inside was a Game Boy!!!! I was so happy I actually nearly cried, I hadn't even thought I would be getting one, I already had my bike and typewriter, so the Game Boy was an excellent surprise! I haven't had a present beat the feeling yet, but there always this year Mr RTR!!!
See You Tomorrow For Day 7
  1. How awesome was that! Well done Mum for such a wonderful memory and the obvious sacrifices she must have made to give you what you wanted xxx #Blogtober16

  2. What a lovely surprise, no wonder you remember it so well x #blogtober16

  3. Aww! I always wanted a Game Boy as a child but never got one. You are so lucky x #Blogtober16

  4. Ooooooh you were a Nintendo kinda girl (I was actually a sucker for the Gameboy, I must admit) whilst I was Sega all the way! My post is on a Mega Drive so I'm well surprised that you have something so similar! Great minds... #Blogtober16


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