#Blogtober16 - Day 4 - Share A Secret About Yourself

Hello and welcome to day 4 of #Blogtober16, I'm enjoying having a reason to write every day if you fancy a read here is #Blogtober Day 3. Today's brief is to share a secret about yourself.......
Ok.............. Here goes.................. My Name Is Mandy and I AM a serial nose picker..................
According to my Mum as soon as I realised when I was tiny there was a hole in my nose I had a finger stuck up there! It's a constant running joke with the family and them having to take it in turns to tell me to get my finger out of my nostril. I would like to say now I'm an adult it's a habit I have kicked but sadly not! I can often be found sat on the sofa having a good dig about in my nose, I know, I know it's gross, but I honestly don't realise I'm doing it anymore! I am pretty sure I have even done it on the bus!
Anyway Grossness over, that my secret :) See You tomorrow for Day 5
Thanks For Reading
  1. hehehe....This made me chuckle!
    My youngest girl is a nose picker....I'm sure she doesn't even realise she's doing it.

  2. Think we all are guilty of this
    I love practical jokes..... can't reveal too much😋😋

  3. My husband is a nose picker makes me feel ill at times


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