#Blogtober16 - Day 3 - If I Won The Lottery What Would I Buy?

It's Day 3 of #Blogtober16 and today is all about what I would buy/do if I won the lottery, if you fancy seeing it here is #blogtober16 day 2.
This is a really easy one for me, as I don't play the lottery, so would never win it. I genuinely believe money cannot buy you happiness. I am not religious in any way shape or form, but I do believe our lives follow a set path. You have a plan and journey and nothing can change that. I am pretty happy with my hectic life and no amount of money would change that. Yes, I would love a bigger house, but then there is nothing wrong with the house we live in. There is always someone who is less fortunate than you, so stop thinking about what you could have and concentrate on what you do have!
See You For Day 4

  1. I half agree with you in that money doesn't buy happiness. Happiness is there for everyone just need to look for the simple things. I would still like a yacht though 😂

  2. I sort of agree with you. Money can't buy happiness but it sure could help. x

  3. I agree, I certainly don't think that the things I don't have or can't afford would make me happier.

  4. I would like to own my own house but it's so much more satisfying when you have worked for the things you have


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