#Blogtober16 - Day 2 - Old Photo Of You

So its day two of #Blogtober16 and today's brief is share an old photograph, if you fancy seeing it here is Day One. Now thanks to my Dad I have an album full of them and it was a tough one to pick just one of them to share. There is literally from birth to now in there, but I decided to go for this one.
Now when I was little my Auntie Joanna was always getting us to pose for pictures in my Nannas garden. This picture was one of those days, she also took a picture of my brother on the same day. I am sure my auntie has lots of pictures like this. It's only when looking at this picture I see how much my children actually do look like me, I always thought they were the double of their Dad, but if you cover up my hair that could easily be Mr D stood in front of those flowers in 1986!
See you for day 3!

  1. Ah really lovely photo you've chosen for #Blogtober16

  2. You look so sweet! My Mum used to dress me similar to how you're dressed

    Tasha x


  3. Aww! Lovely photo. It sounds like it holds a lot of memories for you.

  4. Fiona MacLeay Marshall2 October 2016 at 17:17

    Great pic 😁

  5. So cute, it's fun looking through old childhood photos isn't it! #blogtober16

  6. Lovely photo, I have some very similar taken by my nan, as if being next to flowers was the best kind of photo!


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