#Blogtober16 - Day 17

So today's #Blogtober16 brief is to tell you about my favourite concert I have attended. If you didn't see day 16 post head over and read all about my piercings and tattoos.
So my sister was lucky enough to win tickets to see the final of X Factor 2012, the year James Arthur won. She won 4 tickets and myself, sister, Mum and cousin all went down to the Manchester GMex to watch it.
We qued for nearly 2 hours to get in, it was bitterly cold as it was December 8th, thankfully it didn't rain as we waited. The atmosphere inside was amazing, but seats were allocated randomly when you got your tickets. As we entered and were directed to our seats we found we were 13 rows from the front. The judges were in touching distance and we had a great view of the stage, I wasn't much of an X Factor fan so the acts didn't bother me much, my sister was in love with James Arthur so she loved it. Now you may wonder why someone who doesn't watch X Factor wanted to go to the final. Well the celeb acts in the final were AMAZING, I got to see Rhianna and One Direction live and they were well worth the 2-hour stand in the cold outside!

Thats the only concert I have ever been to, I don't like crowded places to much so have never really thought about going to another one. Have you been to many concerts? Which was your favourite?
See You Tomorrow
  1. I like watching X Factor but I don't think I would want to stand in the cold for the final! I do quite like James Arthur though and I was glad he won that year although I've never voted for anyone on that show! #Blogtober16

  2. Been to lots in my teens and 20s
    From classical to rock simply red was my favourite and oasis
    Not been to any for years

  3. It's all about Gifty this year, she's fantastic. Having said that, I like to go for the underdog too, so I'm wishing Honey G the best of luck!

  4. Oh wow! How fab! I love the Xfactor! It sounds like you had fantastic seats.


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