#Blogtober16 - Day 15

Hello and welcome back to #Blogtober16, if you saw day 14 you will now know the meaning of my blog name! If you missed it hit the link and go and give it a read. So back to today and day 15, today is to share the timeline of my day. Now today is Saturday and ours are really boring, so I am going to share my weekday day.
So my day starts are 6,30am every day apart from a Saturday, this is my lie in day, I am lucky to get 1 day a week lie in, I have Saturday and Mr RTR has a Sunday, it works well for us. So here is the rest of my day when I am at placement on Wednesday and Thursdays.

6.30am - Alarm
6.45am - Cup of tea and make children's breakfast
7.00am - Get myself washed and dressed while children eat breakfast
7.30am - Geth the children dressed
8.00am - Have my breakfast and make my lunch for placement
8.10am - Put Miss S on her school bus
8.15am - Get the boys shoes, school bags and coats out ready
8.20am - Tell boys to get coats and shoes on
8,25am - Make sure I have everything for placement
8.30am - Out the door for school run
8.45am - Put Mr D is his classroom
8.50am - Put Mr C in his classroom and do morning job with him
8.55am - Sign in at office and get id pass
9.00am - Go to my classroom

From 9am I will be marking, helping out 1 to 1, listening to children read and doing my individual group tasks with my classroom. I do get a 15-minute break for playtime but this is usually spent marking the wrong work or sorting what we are doing next lesson.

12.15pm - Lunchtime

Lunch is 1 hour again it is spent marking and preparing for the next lesson. I also eat my lunch have a nice cuppa and prepare for any upcoming placement assessments.

3.10pm - Sign out at office
3.15pm - Pick Mr C up
3.25pm - Pick Mr D up
3.45pm - Have a cuppa and sit down for 15 minutes
4.00pm - Make dinner
5.00pm - Wash the dishes
5.30pm - Homework and reading with the children
6.00pm - Pyjama and wind down time before bed
7.00pm - Miss S to bed
7.30pm - Boys given 1-hour warning, they can watch a DVD or tv before bed
8.00pm - Put laundry in and empty dryer
8.15pm - Have a shower and put pj's on
8.30pm - Catch up on email, blog work, college work
10.00pm - Bedtime!

It's a bit hectic but as long as we stick to the military precision it works well for us! Can't wait to see how your days pan out.
See You For Day 16
  1. hehehe! Our weekends are boring too but not one of them is the same. My fella has the Saturday lie in and I have the Sunday!
    It sounds like you have busy days when you are on placement....

  2. Good luck need plenty of military precision- action packed days for you
    Mine is much more relaxed as I'm recovering from illness rest rest rest!!find it very difficult so your blogs are great for me x

  3. We are all about the routine too. Sounds like you have a good system for lie ins - I so think we need this. Me and my husband always both debate over who gets to sleep late at the weekends.

  4. Wow you have a busy day! My days aren't as exciting yet

    Tasha x




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