#Blogtober16 - Day 14

Welcome back to day 14 of #Blogtober16, I have made it to 2 weeks, the halfway point. Yesterday on day 13 I told you what was in my fridge! Today I am telling you the meaning behind my blog name.

Raising The Rainbows
Life On The Spectrum Is Never Dull

So Why Raising the rainbows, well I am a Mum to 4 lovely children, 3 of whom are on the autism spectrum. A rainbow is a spectrum of colour, so I'm raising rainbows. Not a very detailed description, but I have answered the intended question. So short post today :)
See You For Day 15

  1. Short , but sweet ;) nice to find the meaning behind your blog name

  2. That's a nice connection - I like the rainbow colours at the sides of your pages too.

  3. Beautiful way to describe your family
    Always bright cheerry and always a pot of gold hidden in every day


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