#Blogtober16 - Day 1 - Who Are You

Having time and inspiration to blog has been severely lacking here of late, then this morning I spotted a #Blogtober16 Facebook group. So in a bit to bit more blogging in my life I am joining in with Mandy from HexMum for Blogtober!
So that's me up there, I am Mandy and 35 year old Mum of 4 from Manchester. I chose this picture as its only a few weeks old and was take when I was away on holiday looking very relaxed! That's not my usual look, I'm a Mum of 4, go to college, do a 2 day placement in a school and 3 of my children have autism and take it in turns not to sleep, so I usually look shocking! But I figured you would not want to see that picture LOL

I am born and raised in South Manchester and haven't moved anywhere since I love where I live and despite the swipes thrown our way I love our life. It is a bit like the army in our house and everything is timed to military precision. It kind of has to be when 80% of the household is on the spectrum, but routine works well for all of us luckily.

I am currently studying for my level 2 teaching assistant qualification, my children have been lucky enough to have some amazing TA's in their lives and I would love to make a difference to a child's life just a little bit, like my children's Ta's made to theirs.

I love to read or bake when I get the chance and in my spare time I write this blog and do my homework!

I have been with Mr RTR for nearly 15 years, we have no plans to marry and happy just plodding along. We had Mr L 2 years after we first met, Mr D 3 year later, Miss S 15 months after that and Mr C 3 years after her. If I'm honest I prefer the smaller age gap, it was so much easier. I would in an ideal world love another baby, but our house is pretty full with 4 kids and a dog and life is already a fine balancing act!

In the last year, I lost nearly 3 stone with Slimming World, I have now put 2 stone of that back on!!!! I am back on the wagon now and looking forward to seeing some losses again and blogging about it!
Thanks For Reading
  1. Great introduction!
    Good luck with your teaching assistant qualification. What a lovely reason for wanting to do it.

  2. Welcome to #Blogtober16, my children have had some amazing TAs throughout school and caring for children on the spectrum will certainly give you an amazing understanding, my sixth child has just been diagnosed and both TAs he has had so far also have children with additional needs and they totally get him and me! I am looking forward to learning more about your lovely family, regarding a great photo, I admit mine is 15 years old! xxx


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