#Win Some Trolls Goodies

So have you been dragged to the cinema by the kids yet to see the new Trolls movie? Or were you the one doing the dragging? We have yet to see the film as we have been away on holiday and busy, but the kids can't wait to see those iconic Trolls! I have teamed up with Paladone to offer one of my readers the chance to win 2 exclusive Troll products this month.
Get creative with this brilliantly fun Good Luck Trolls Dress Up Mug. A standard sized mug (capacity 300ml) with a cool, classic lucky troll decal that can be completely customized to suit your own unique style. With 46 mix and match stickers included, you can dress up and re-design as often as you like, ensuring your favourite mug always suits your mood. The stickers are waterproof and reusable, so have fun and add a bit of troll sized mischief to your day. The Good Luck Trolls Dress Up Mug is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use. Recommended for ages 6 and above. Though stickers are waterproof, it is recommended that stickers are removed before washing the mug.
The perfect gift for fans of DreamWorks' Trolls, this photo booth set features all the props you need for making your very own Troll snaps. Included are 12 card props, 15 prop sticks and a colourful card backdrop. Just grab a camera and some friends and start shooting. It is available exclusively through Tesco.

They are the perfect gifts for any Trolls fan! For your chance to win just enter via the widget below and read the terms and conditions before entering.
Terms and Conditions
Open to UK & Ireland residents over 18years. 1 prizes for 1 winner, chosen at random via widget. All entry methods are optional. Come back each day for extra entries. Winner contacted within 3 days of giveaway ending. If they do no respond within 28 day a new winner will be chosen. Your details will be passed to the PR/Company and nobody else. Delivery is the responsibility of the PR/Company. Raising the Rainbows is not responsible for any damaged or missing prizes. Please allow upto 28 days for prize to arrive. The company reserve the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value, if original isn't available. Bulk or automated entries will be disqualified. Giveaway open till 11.59pm on 27th November 2016.

Shimmer And Shine Review

Do your little ones love Shimmer and Shine on Nick Jr? If the answer is yes then this review is one for you. We have been some items from the brand new Shimmer and Shine toy collection. Miss S couldn't wait to try the Wish Come True Shimmer Purse set £14.99 and the Shimmer and Shine Ponytail £9.99 to have some Shimmer and Shine fun.
The Shimmer and Shine ponytails are available in a choice of pink or blue. The ponytail comes with a hairband and slide to secure the ponytail to the child's head. The instructions suggest putting your child's hair into a bun, this definitely worked best for us. Miss S was a bit apprehensive as she isn't great with things on her head, but once on she loved swishing her ponytail about. It stayed pretty firm too, the little slices of tinsel in the hair really gives the ponytail a shine and it really looks fab.
The purse set comes with 2 bracelets, a brush, a magic wish necklace, 2 sticker sheets and the purse to keep it all in. All the items fit nicely inside the purse, so great for storage when not in play. The bracelets wouldn't fit onto Miss S's wrists, they are quite small, the set is aimed at ages 3 and up and Miss S is 8, so I am confident they would fit a smaller child no problem, Mr C is 5 and they fitted him perfectly.
The set is great for imaginative play and for carrying on the fun after they have watched the show on Nick Jr. What child doesn't like acting out what they watched on their favourite TV show? We are all for encouraging imaginative play to develop the children's skills, so if we can use toys of their favourite shows to do that, then all the better. The purse has some holographic eyes, they look like they open and close when you move the bag. Miss S was fascinated by this aspect of the bag. She also liked combing her shiny ponytail with the brush included with the purse set.
We had lots of fun playing with the brand new Shimmer and Shine toys, available from ToysRUs. Miss S now has her eye on the pink ponytail! I think she likes having long hair LOL
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Trolls Wig And Bracelet Review

Now unless you lived under a rock in the 90's then you will know all about the Trolls! Well now in 2016 they have had a revival. At this moment in time, you may be being harassed by your children to go and see the Trolls movie currently in the cinema. We haven't made it to the just yet, we plan to go during half term, but we have been sent a Poppy wig and hug time bracelet to play with and get us all excited to go and watch.
The most iconic and recognisable aspect of any troll is its hair and Poppy has a bright pink mane of hair on her head. The Poppy wig is available from Argos for £12.99 and comes pre-styled with Poppy's blue flower headband. Miss S was a bit reluctant to try the wig at first as she isn't keen on things touching her head. But once it was on and she realised it was comfortable she loved it. She loved looking at her reflection! The wig is stretchy so will fit most little heads. I like that the hair is styled up, so it's not going to get all tangled and luggy after a few uses.
The Hug Time Bracelet is priced at £9.99 and sits on a lovely stretchy velcro fasten strap. The face looks like flowers and there is switch on the side that you slide. When you slide the switch you hear Poppy say "Hug Time", It replicates the hourly Troll tradition of hugging each hour and I can always use an excuse to give my little ones a hug. Poppy is on the bracelet face with her arms outstretched ready for a big hug. The bracelet is suitable for ages 3+, the band is really stretchy so will fit most wrist sizes, even I can get it on and fasten it. Miss S loved hearing the Hug Time call and pressed the button continually, she drove her brothers mad, but she just loves it.
They are the perfect combination for some imaginative Trolls play and it has sparked Miss S's excitement to go and see the film. These are just 2 of the items available from the range at Argos which are sure to be popular choices this Christmas.
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It happens to us all - Honestly it does!

I have 4 children, 3 of them were natural deliveries and the final pregnancy ended in an emergency c section. I am the first to admit that my bladder isn't the same as it was, pregnancy and childbirth really take it out of you, especially your bladder! One of my babies weighed a whopping 9lb 7 ounces and it is since then that my bladder hasn't been right! There is no way I can bounce on a trampoline anymore and I dread having any kind of a cough.
My Whopping 9lb 7oz Baby Girl Miss S
There seems to be taboo to talk about bladder weakness and incontinence, but its something that most of us suffer from and are too embarrassed to talk about. I always remember after having Mr L the midwives banging home the reminder to do your pelvic floor exercises, I didn't pay much attention first time round and I was mortified when I had a coughing fit and peed myself. By the time I got to baby number 3 I as religiously doing them! Luckily your bladder is a muscle like any other, so exercise it and it can strengthen. Luckily for me aside from ruling out bouncing and having an awful cough, my bladder has managed to right itself. The last thing you want to do is carry around lots of changes of clothes and underwear in your handbag, so you could consider some discreet incontinence products. There is a range of products to suit no matter what type of bladder weakness you have. You can then carry on your day worry free of any little accidents that may happen.  I think it's important to remember our bodies are amazing and they go through a lot to carry our beautiful bundle, so if I leaky bladder is all I have to content with, then I will take that every time. Pregnancy-related incontinence is usually only temporary but there are things you can do to prevent it, do your pelvic floor exercises, keep weight gain minimum as the extra lbs put pressure on your bladder, avoid citrus, tomatoes, soft drinks and alcohol as they can irritate your bladder and lastly try and avoid constipation as the pressure of a full bowel can add pressure to your bladder. The most important thing to remember is it does happen to all of us at some point in our lives, don't be embarrassed about it!
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The A-Z Of Autism - P Is For

When Mr L was diagnosed back in 2007 I didn't have a clue what Autism was or even what it meant, 8 years on and 2 more diagnoses its still a puzzle. I have been contemplating doing a blog series with all the words associated with Autism to help other parents and to maybe be a bit of a reference point. So say hello to the A to Z of Autism. Each week will be a different letter, last time was O is for and I got some fab inclusions from other autism parents. This time is P is For.....

PDA - Patholigcal Demand Avoidance - Suggested by Stephs Two Girls
Now PDA cannot be summarised into a few words, so Steph has kindly written a post all about PDA for the blog. So befire you continue go and read What Exactly Is PDA?

Professionals - Suggested By First Time Valley Mam
 I would have been lost with out my portage worker. Now in school his teacher and Lsa's are amazing!

Poo - Suggested By Ojos World
Sorry, but my son used to play with it, then he stopped. However he now hates going at all, so constantly leaks

Patience - Suggested By Brody, Me and GDD
Something we all need. And all lose. (Unless it's just me!)

Perseverate - Suggested By Rainbows Are Too Beautiful
The uncontrollable repetition of a word, phrase, or gesture, long after it's needed or used. E.g. Talking about a subject after the conversation has finished or in my Anthony's case getting anxiety about something in the past that is not longer a threat.

Perfectionist - Suggested By Faith Mummy
Sums up my daughter with asd!

Pee - Suggested By Conflab Corner
For some reason she still prefers to pee on the floor than in a toilet. Despite being completely toilet trained since she was 3.

Proud - Suggested By Autism With Lots Of Love And Affection

Panic -Suggested By Faith Mummy
When the iPad has no charge, they are sick and non verbal, you forget the nappies when out etc!

Persevere - Suggested By Loobes Life
Otherwise you are at the bottom of every list. First night of respite tonight. It can go two ways..... peaceful for us at home or the usual outpouring of stress! Fingers crossed!

Pedantic - Suggested By A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son
My son uses language very literally and expects everyone else to do the same - we have many conversations which seems to go round in circles like the one in this post. My daughter recently came across the word pedant for the first time and announced, "it's a description of E!"

Are there any other P's you can think of that could be added? If so do leave them all below in the comments. I will be back again soon with the next post, which will be Q is for.......
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October Q and A Session

It's time for another question and answer session over on my Youtube channel. I had a whole array of questions asked this month. So as usual I have answered them, have a watch below.

Grammar schools: Why all the fuss?

In the post-referendum shakeup, one of the more controversial plans to come out of Downing Street has been that of re-introducing grammar schools in the UK. It has been a major bone of contention in parliament, and caused much debate among parents who all have their own views on the merits of such a selective schooling system.

What are grammar schools, and why were they previously halted?
Grammar schools are state secondary schools whose pupils are selected based on a specific examination – better known as ’11-plus’ – taken by children aged 11. Those who pass this exam are admitted to their local grammar, while those who don’t are either left with the choice of going to their local secondary modern school, or stumping up for private school.

Grammar schools certainly aren’t extinct, and there are over 160 of them in England (with a further 69 in Northern Ireland – none exist in Wales or Scotland) at the moment. But they are comparatively niche to the comprehensive system, whereby pupils of all abilities are taught collectively.

In the 1950s and 60s the claim arose that grammar schools entrenched class division, and reinforced the privilege of the so-called middle class. As a result, Government ordered grammar schools to be phased out from 1965. In the years since, numbers in England and Wales have plummeted from roughly 1,300 to just 163 today, and in 1998, Labour introduced an official ban on the introduction of any new selective schools.

So why are they being brought back?
As a grammar school graduate herself, the new Prime Minister has indicated a willing to reignite the era of selective schooling. Certainly in previous decades, grammar schools have been looked upon less favourably by those in Labour constituencies as a general rule, with Conservative-controlled areas generally reacting slower to the phasing out grammar schools in the past. That goes some way to explaining the divide across political lines.

But the appeal of grammar schools is also understandable. The performance of state schools, and the trends thereof, are arguably mixed at best. Grammar schools thus offer the opportunity to promote social mobility, with lower-income families not stymied by the extortionate costs of private education, and in turn ‘condemned’ to the alleged inferior quality of state schools.

Counting against grammars
Of course, while the concept of selective schooling might appear to be on side with social mobility, the evidence doesn’t necessarily support this case. In fact, less than 3% of grammar school attendees are on free school meals, which is considerably lower than the average of 15% across comprehensives in the rest of the UK.

There is also the issue of self confidence, with the 11+ exam effectively telling those that don’t make the cut that they’re not good enough. In addition, there is also no correlation between grammar school attendance and performance. Kent – a county which has a fully selective secondary school system - provides a good example here in that results from pupils are, at best, in line with the national average.

Right question – wrong answer?
It’s a controversial topic, and many different parents will have different opinions. Perhaps one thing most would agree on is that change is needed within the schooling system. It would seem that household income and quality of education are becoming more and more correlated, which isn’t a good thing. Costs of raising a child are estimated to be in the region of £230,000 until the age of 21. Added to that, many students find themselves struggling with debt – both during their studies and thereafter.

Clearly costs are a huge barrier when it comes to education across all levels, and it is a growing problem for Generation Y and millennials. But are grammar schools really the answer? Perhaps a better option would be instead turn attentions to investment in state schools, and addressing inequality by increasing funding – rather than cutting it.

This is certainly not to dismiss the merits of grammar schools entirely. But grammar schools will arguably only help a lucky few from lower-income families. By instead focusing energies – and finance – on the comprehensive system, perhaps a wider collective will benefit.
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What exactly is PDA?

Any of my regular readers will know I do the A to Z of Autism posts and we are currently up to the letter P, this is the perfect time for Steph's Two Girls to tell us all a little bit about PDA. Now PDA is a condition some of us have heard of but don't really know or understand it, so here I'm going to hand you over to Steph who can tell us all we need to know.
What exactly is PDA?
PDA stands for Pathological Demand Avoidance. PDA is a type of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and those with PDA are said to avoid everyday demands due to a high level of anxiety.

Is it a new thing?
It was first identified by a lady called Professor Elizabeth Newson in the 1980s. She studied a group of children who were similar to each other, and who shared some of the characteristics of autism but who were different. Although that was over 30 years ago, that's still relatively recent in medical terms, and in terms of how long it takes research to filter through to the medical journals.

How do you identify it?
There are many pointers; the child may have difficulty following everyday demands, such as 'brush your teeth' or 'put your socks and shoes on' or they may have difficulty with taking a different route to school. They may want to visit a certain place, but if told they have to, will refuse. These are just some simple examples; constant avoidance of many activities and issues rather than an occasional refusal is what can set this group apart.

Doesn't it just mean your child is naughty?
No. There's a phrase which many feel explains this well - the child 'can't help won't'. In other words, they can't help the fact that they won't do something. It's not just because they don't want to, it's because their anxiety levels are so high that they struggle to.

How do you manage children with PDA?
There are many strategies to use; the main thing to remember is that what works one day may not work the next. You have to have a range of strategies ready to use but be flexible and ready to change your approach at any time.

Be careful with your choice of words; indirect language works best. Never say 'no', but instead, say 'maybe tomorrow' or 'now is not a great time but we can think about when might be good for that'. Avoid demands and instead offer choices - preferably where the one you want to happen is the most appealing option. Use humour wherever possible, and referring to a third party who has made the rules rather than yourself can sometimes work. 

Aren't you just 'pandering' to them?
No. These children are not children who can be parented in a typical manner; reward and consequence systems do not work for them. It's not about them wanting to comply or not, it's about them being unable to. This could be for a multitude of reasons, from sensory issues to an overload of demands.

Anything else I should know?
For lots more information and links to research information please visit the PDA Society (national charity for PDA) website at www.pdasociety.org.uk.

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Such an informative post from Steph, make sure you check out her blog, you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Bag Set

Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins, a six year old girl, ‘fixes’ toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends, Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. This year, Doc has been transported to McStuffinsville to become the Chief Resident of the Toy Hospital, where she and her toy friends will help toys from all over the world!
Doc McStuffins is still a well-loved programme in our house, Miss S loves her Doc McStuffins doll and was super excited to get the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Bag Set from Flair for review, the lovely little set retails at £19.99.
The hospital bag opens at the back and has enough room inside for all the items to fit inside. You get a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ear probe, Doc McStuffins ID pass and some stickers for your patients. All of the items are well made from moulded plastic and really colourful.
The Doc McStuffins hospital bag is the perfect toy for having some role play fun. Your child can use their imagination and pretend to be the doc. All of the items can be used to pretend to do the real things, you child can take your temperature look down your ears and even give you an injection! The stethoscope lights up and makes a magical noise.
It was Mr RTR who Miss S treated to the full Doc treatment, he was a very willing patient, but sadly Miss S didn't reward him with a sticker for his bravery! She wanted to keep them all for herself. She really enjoyed playing with this set and liked that the stethoscope made noises. She is a sensory seeker so loves noisy toys. She looked really cute walking around with her Docs pass on, I think the ribbon could do with being a little longer, but then Miss S is a little older than your standard Doc fan, so its wouold be fine for a younger child. The playset is aimed at ages 3 and up and I think that's about the right age range. They will easily be able to use all the included items and get lots of enjoyment from the set.
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#Blogtober16 - Day 18

Yesterday on day 17 I told you about my favourite concert I had attended, it wasn't a hard choice, I have only been to one!! Today's prompt is to tell you my zodiac sign and if I fit the characteristics of it.
People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders. They are dramatic, creative self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist. They can achieve anything they want, whether it's about work or time spent will family and friends.
Leo is a fire sign, which means that he loves life and expects to have a good time. Like other fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, Leo is also able to use his mind to solve even the most difficult problems and take the initiative in solving various complicated situations.
Ruled by the Sun, Leo worships the Sun in all is forms which is also a metaphorical expression of the state of his ego. This can be good, because Leos can easily search for what they need. But, on the other hand it can be problematic when Leos ignore the problems and needs of others in order to fulfill their desires.
Leo has a specific strength and "king of the jungle" status. Leo often has too many friends because he is very generous and loyal. Self-confident and attractive, Leo is able to unite many groups of people at every opportunity.
Problems can arise, when Leo becomes too fond of his achievements. This zodiac sign can also be arrogant, lazy and inflexible, because he assumes that someone else will clean up after him. A healthy sense of humour can make the collaboration with other people, easier.
I wouldn't say I am a natural born leader, but others say I am. I am very creative, but not very self confident, but I am very dominant and bossy! I do like to achieve things if I set out to do them. I do love life and like to live it to the full no matter what obstacles are thrown in my way. I definitely don't ignore the needs of others to solve my own needs, I am completely the opposite and always put others wants and needs before my own. I don't have lots of friends, but I like to think I am generous and loyal to the ones I do have. The very last part makes me laugh as I am the polar opposite to this, I shy away from achievements and find it difficult to take praise. I am definitely not arrogant and I am completely flexible, with my brood you need to be! I also always clean up after everyone else and never expect anyone to clean up after me. So I'm not completely like the brief but I can see where I fit.
Do you fit with your astrology sign or totally opposite?
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#Blogtober16 - Day 17

So today's #Blogtober16 brief is to tell you about my favourite concert I have attended. If you didn't see day 16 post head over and read all about my piercings and tattoos.
So my sister was lucky enough to win tickets to see the final of X Factor 2012, the year James Arthur won. She won 4 tickets and myself, sister, Mum and cousin all went down to the Manchester GMex to watch it.
We qued for nearly 2 hours to get in, it was bitterly cold as it was December 8th, thankfully it didn't rain as we waited. The atmosphere inside was amazing, but seats were allocated randomly when you got your tickets. As we entered and were directed to our seats we found we were 13 rows from the front. The judges were in touching distance and we had a great view of the stage, I wasn't much of an X Factor fan so the acts didn't bother me much, my sister was in love with James Arthur so she loved it. Now you may wonder why someone who doesn't watch X Factor wanted to go to the final. Well the celeb acts in the final were AMAZING, I got to see Rhianna and One Direction live and they were well worth the 2-hour stand in the cold outside!

Thats the only concert I have ever been to, I don't like crowded places to much so have never really thought about going to another one. Have you been to many concerts? Which was your favourite?
See You Tomorrow

#Blogtober16 - Day 16

Welcome back to #Blogtober16 and we are at day 16 already if you didn't see it go and read day 15 which was a timeline of my day. Today I am telling you all about my piercings and tattoos.
So I have 5 tattoos in total, I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and it was a red devil on my left arm. I didn't really think about what I was getting done, just that I wanted a tattoo. It doesn't bother me that it's a crap tattoo, it is still there just faded and thankfully it's only tiny. I also have a row of 3 love hearts on the back of my neck, 2 blue and 1 pink, they represent each of the children, well minus Mr C as I haven't had his heart added yet. That leads me onto my next tattoo on my right wrist, which is the children's initials, again minus Mr C's as it hasn't been added yet! Poor Mr C, I really need to get him added onto them before he realises he is missing LOL I also have a scroll on the top on my right arm which has Mr RTR and Mr L's name in. I had that done about 11 years ago when I only had Mr L and didn't plan any other children. My last tattoo is on my right hand next to my thumb, it's a black flower, my Mum and Sister both have the same tattoo in the same place :)
I have my ears pierced twice, they were done four times but they have healed over. I also used to have my tongue and eyebrow pierced but took them out ages ago. I went through a bit of a piercing and tattoo stage. I'm over it now and apart from having Mr C added to my current designs I am done with tattoos and piercing!
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Mini Bedroom Makeover With Character World

It's been well over 18 months since we did Miss S's bedroom makeover and its still in really good condition. She loved her pink palace and is still crazy on Disney Princess, so we were really excited when Character World got in touch and offered to send us some lovely Disney Princess items from their range to give Miss S's room a bit of a refresh.
I love how bright and colourful all of the items are, they really pop with colour. You can see the colour difference if you look at the before shots of her old Disney Princess bedding. It's really brightened the place up. The material on the duvet cover is really soft and good quality. Its 50% cotton and 50% polyester and its reversible. The back side has a lovely print in, so you can decide each day what side you want.
The cushions are a lovely addition to the bedroom, Miss S likes the be comfy so having 2 extra pillows to prop up her head is perfect. The sleeping beauty cushion is reversible and has rapunzel on the other side. The other cushion is single-sided and has a lovely ruffle edge, Miss S is very sensory so she loves the ruffles. The beanbag is perfect for moving around her bedroom to sit on, she loves her own space, so it's great to have somewhere else ti sit apart from her bed. She loves to read so I know she will perch on this with her books. We are off on holiday during half term and the princess poncho towel will be great for taking to the pool.
She looks pretty pleased with her refreshed look doesn't she! All of the products are really good quality and easy to clean, which is a must when you have 4 children in the house. The Disney Princess range is just one fo the many designs on offer at Character World, you can see all the designs on the website. All designs can be purchased via Argos and Tesco, the prices for the items we have are below.
  • Duvet Cover Set £17.95
  • Cushions from £9.95
  • Poncho Towel £9.95
  • Beanbag £23.95
The team over at Character World what someone else to discover the Disney Princes makeover feel and I have a 1 duvet cover set, 1 cushion and a beanbag to giveaway to a lucky reader of this blog. For your chance to win just enter via the widget below, do read the terms and conditions before entering.
disney princess
Terms and Conditions
Open to UK & Ireland residents over 18years. 1 prizes for 1 winner, chosen at random via widget. All entry methods are optional. Come back each day for extra entries. Winner contacted within 3 days of giveaway ending. If they do no respond within 28 day a new winner will be chosen. Your details will be passed to the PR/Company and nobody else. Delivery is the responsibility of the PR/Company. Raising the Rainbows is not responsible for any damaged or missing prizes. Please allow upto 28 days for prize to arrive. The company reserve the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value, if original isn't available. Bulk or automated entries will be disqualified. Giveaway open till 11.59pm on 14th November 2016.
U, me and the kids

#Blogtober16 - Day 15

Hello and welcome back to #Blogtober16, if you saw day 14 you will now know the meaning of my blog name! If you missed it hit the link and go and give it a read. So back to today and day 15, today is to share the timeline of my day. Now today is Saturday and ours are really boring, so I am going to share my weekday day.
So my day starts are 6,30am every day apart from a Saturday, this is my lie in day, I am lucky to get 1 day a week lie in, I have Saturday and Mr RTR has a Sunday, it works well for us. So here is the rest of my day when I am at placement on Wednesday and Thursdays.

6.30am - Alarm
6.45am - Cup of tea and make children's breakfast
7.00am - Get myself washed and dressed while children eat breakfast
7.30am - Geth the children dressed
8.00am - Have my breakfast and make my lunch for placement
8.10am - Put Miss S on her school bus
8.15am - Get the boys shoes, school bags and coats out ready
8.20am - Tell boys to get coats and shoes on
8,25am - Make sure I have everything for placement
8.30am - Out the door for school run
8.45am - Put Mr D is his classroom
8.50am - Put Mr C in his classroom and do morning job with him
8.55am - Sign in at office and get id pass
9.00am - Go to my classroom

From 9am I will be marking, helping out 1 to 1, listening to children read and doing my individual group tasks with my classroom. I do get a 15-minute break for playtime but this is usually spent marking the wrong work or sorting what we are doing next lesson.

12.15pm - Lunchtime

Lunch is 1 hour again it is spent marking and preparing for the next lesson. I also eat my lunch have a nice cuppa and prepare for any upcoming placement assessments.

3.10pm - Sign out at office
3.15pm - Pick Mr C up
3.25pm - Pick Mr D up
3.45pm - Have a cuppa and sit down for 15 minutes
4.00pm - Make dinner
5.00pm - Wash the dishes
5.30pm - Homework and reading with the children
6.00pm - Pyjama and wind down time before bed
7.00pm - Miss S to bed
7.30pm - Boys given 1-hour warning, they can watch a DVD or tv before bed
8.00pm - Put laundry in and empty dryer
8.15pm - Have a shower and put pj's on
8.30pm - Catch up on email, blog work, college work
10.00pm - Bedtime!

It's a bit hectic but as long as we stick to the military precision it works well for us! Can't wait to see how your days pan out.
See You For Day 16

Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset Review

We first discovered the Pet Parade range in March this year and its still a firm favourite with the children. We have previously reviewed the Pet Parade Play Garden and The Pet Parade Playset, they are still well played with and we have a new addition to our Pet Parade collection this week.
The Pet Parade Scooter playset lets Mummy and baby ride around all day on their scooter. The sets retail at £14.99 and each set comes with 2 scooters, 1 mummy, 1 baby, 2 bibs and 2 helmets. Pet Parade puppies walk and have realistic movements. They can be made to walk and move by using the joystick button on their back. The babies can attach to their Mummy's tail and follow her around. Each pet comes with their own tag so you can customise the tag and name your pet.
The main thing we love about the Pet Parade range is that they require no batteries, so you get endless play opportunities. The sets and dogs are also extremely well made and even the set we got back in March looks good as new after lots of play.
The scooters are really cute and Miss S really loves this new element to her Pet Parade play options. The pets also have their very own lead so you can play with your pets with your other playsets too. Miss S has spent most of her time though making her pets scoot up and down the living room floor. She loves the detail on her pets and she has named both of them Fluffy!
If you head over to Youtube you can see the Pet Parade Youtube channel, there are 8 webisodes for your child to watch and enjoy.
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#Blogtober16 - Day 14

Welcome back to day 14 of #Blogtober16, I have made it to 2 weeks, the halfway point. Yesterday on day 13 I told you what was in my fridge! Today I am telling you the meaning behind my blog name.

Raising The Rainbows
Life On The Spectrum Is Never Dull

So Why Raising the rainbows, well I am a Mum to 4 lovely children, 3 of whom are on the autism spectrum. A rainbow is a spectrum of colour, so I'm raising rainbows. Not a very detailed description, but I have answered the intended question. So short post today :)
See You For Day 15

Aldi Halloween Range

We love Halloween in our house, the children aren't big fans of going out trick or treating but they love answering the door to all the children in costumes. Aldi has sent us some of their great Halloween range to help us celebrate this year.
It's quite a selection isn't it, here is a breakdown of prices and details of each of the products, that are all available in your local Aldi store right now.
This trick or treat canvas is perfect for putting in the window to let all the children know to come knock on at out house. It's part of a wide range of decorative items available at Aldi starting at just £3.99. It's a lovely colour and even has some added sparkle to it, who says Halloween has to be scary!
I love this 6 pack of candles for only £2.49, they come ready with batteries inside. They can switch on and off again , so can be used again, the little lights flicker gently on and off, just like real candles.
This face paint kit for 3.99 has everything in that you may need to make your kids look as spooky as you like this Halloween. There are even sponges to apply the tube facepaint and little booklet with some design ideas, bargain price I think.
This little sticker book is only 89p and perfect for keeping the little one's busy Halloween daytime while they wait for it to go dark. It has lots of stickers and even some press out models for the children to get imaginative with.
Do you buy a cheap plastic mask every year and then its gets left lying around until January? This pop out mask book for £1.99 is a great idea. Pop out the mask the kids want and get them to colour it in, then when they have finished with it on November 1st pop it in the recycling bin.
How cool is he? There are a few different inflatable characters to choose from in the range for £12.99. He is mains powered but he comes with a long cable so you can plug him in and place him outside. He even comes with ground pegs so ou can make sure he stays upright. He is air powered and has flashing LED light inside, he os going to look so cool in our front garden. Look out on our Instagram for some pictures of him in the dark.
Finally a lovely headband for Miss S with some sparkly ghouls on them, they are perfect for only £1.79. She loves a bit of bling and now she can get fully involved in some Halloween spirit.

What do you think of the selection Aldi sent to us? Head down there and check out the range while stocks last. From party plates to inflatables they have got it all at a great price!
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*This post features press samples.

#Blogtober16 - Day 13

Hello and welcome back to #Blogtober16, yesterday on day 12 I told you what was in my handbag. If you are of the nosey type go and have a look but do come back as today I am telling you what's in my fridge!
I thought a video would be more effective than pictures for this one!
See you tomorrow for the half way point

Teksta Toucan Review

So a few weeks ago we had lots of fun playing with the Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy and putting it through its paces. The children loved it and last week we took delivery of the fab Teksta Toucan and have been trying it out over the weekend.
Another electronic animal stealing the show this autumn is Teksta Toucan. Teksta Toucan is no ordinary electronic bird… this ultra-intelligent Toucan tells jokes, plays games and can even perform magic tricks to keep his owner entertained. He sits on his perch and moves his head, wings, body and back for ultimate engagement. There are two options of play: normal, using him as a standalone toy with his multiple pre-programmed features; or with the further content downloaded from a free app that will lead to more comprehensive responses.
The Toucan is great fun and he has lots of different functions. There are 2 buttons on the front of the unit, one button makes the Toucan say random phrases everytime you push the button. The other button makes the Toucan sing 1 of 3 different songs. The children loved this basic function of the Toucan and spent a long time playing with it like this.
The one function that both my boys thought was hilarious is the room guard function. You set your bedroom and whenever anyone walks past him he will shout "stop who goes there". The boys absolutely loved it and if he only did this they would love him!
You can also get the Teksta app for your smartphone or tablet and add a whole new element of play to the Toucan. There are 4 modes of play via the app, you can teach him tricks, put him in pirate mode, play games and teach him to talk. You can train your Toucan to say things such as Good Moring and You're looking well. The boys had great fun interacting with the app and it held their attention for quite a while.
It's a great interactive toy and very eye catching with his bright blue wings, the fact tats its fully interactive means it will keep the child's attention for a while, what child doesn't like at toy that talks back, He moves up and down on his perch, flaps his wings and his eyes light up, he even dances along wth the songs he sings. My gang loved trying out the Teksta Toucan and would definitely recommend it.
The Teksta Toucan is available from Character Online priced at £59.99, it is sure to be a well-requested item this Christmas so get your nice and early.
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*This post features press samples, see my work with me page for more information.
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