Twozies Review

If there is one thing that goes down well in this house it's a collectable toy and if it comes in a blind bag even better. We have just reviewed the new Twozies range from Moose Toys & Character options and they fit the bill in this house. We were sent 2 of the lovely playsets and some of the blind bags and Miss S couldn't wait to get stuck in!
Ice Cream Playset £14.99
The ice cream cart playset is a lovely eye catching collection of pastel colours. The set comes with 2 little Twozies, their little pets, the ice cream cart, some ice cream treats and 2 cards that can be slotted into the side of the display case. The display case has a lovely ice cream background and the pink border really makes it stand out.
Row Boat Playset £14.99
The row boat playset is in a lovely blue colour and comes with a pastel coloured boat. The boat has 2 umbrellas and double sided seats. You can sit 2 Twozies in each side of the boat and the oars and rings are removable to be used. I love that the boxes can be wall mounted and stacked on top of each other.
Twozies Blind Bag £2.49
There are over 140 Twozie babies to collect and each comes with their own pet. They're perfect pocket money toys. The whole point of Twozies is to find the matching Twozie to make a pair, we now have a collection of 9, no matching pairs yet but I am sure we will be getting more soon as Miss S loves these little cute babies.
I can't say I blame her though, they look so cute. Each Twozie has an animal hat and it matched their pet they come with. They also have colour coordinated pants on and are made of smooth rubber, Miss S loves how they feel.
Both of the children really enjoyed playing with the Twozies playsets. They really like the babies and their matching animals. They enjoyed playing with the items from the playsets and figured out that the ice cream cart seats slide, so you can make it a 1 seater or 2 seater cart. Perfect if you only have 2 of the Twozies, but you can then slide it make it a 2 seater when you find your matching Twozie.
I can see why the children like them I think they look cute, they are eye catching and collectable toys are big business with children nowadays. When you add in that you can easily expand your collection with surprise bags and hunt for your matching pair and buy additional playsets I can see the Twozies range being very popular.
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