Thomas & Percy Motorised Railway Race Set

We have an impressive collection of Thomas & Friends tracks and playsets in our collection at the moment, this week we have added another to that collection. It is one that Mr C has been trying to get his hands on for ages, so he was over the moon to get the Thomas & Percy Motorised Railway Race Set for review.
Thomas and Percy are ready to race head-to-head on this fun Thomas & Friends toy train set! Children will love watching two of their favourite characters compete against each other in this tantalising race for first place! This race set features fun motorised action as the two trains make their way around the track. As they head towards the bridge, it will burst apart to make way for the engines. Once the winner passes the finish line, a chequered flash and fireworks will pop up from the gantry to celebrate! Who will win the epic motorised race? This train set is priced at £46.99 and available from ToysRus.
Thomas in on an exciting adventure in the new film ‘The Great Race’ and the fun-loving engine pulls out all the stops to find a way to test his mettle against a host of new international engines at the Great Railway Show. The new TrackMaster™ Railway Race Set is inspired by the new DVD which is released on September 5ht and delivers fun, fast thrills straight from the film as Thomas and Percy race! Children will love watching two of their favourite characters head for the bridge, which bursts apart to make way for the speeding engines. 
The set comes in lots of different pieces, I liked that they were all individually bagged and that they had gone to the trouble of labelling each of the pieces to make easy building. It took me around 10 minutes to build the entire track and then about 20 minutes to attach the bridge!!!!! The bridge gave me major issues, but we got it in the end, I have no idea why I struggled but the mechanism just wouldn't work and I still cannot attach the rails on one side.
The track is a massive combined 6 feet long, the engines race along the track, as they head up the hill the bridge springs open and they race down the hill. One takes the high road and the other the low road and they round the corner and head back up the hill to the finish line. As they cross the finish line the flag goes up and the fireworks go off.
Mr C absolutely loves this train set, it is everything he hoped for after all the weeks of waiting! It's all well made of moulded. Your Thomas fan will never get bored of racing the engines around this track and what's more, they can use their other standard engines on the track, so the race duos are endless!
This is sure to be high up on Thomas Fans wish list once they have seen the film in September, so head down to your toy shop and grab yourself your Railway Race Set now. Check out our little video clip of Mr C having some racing fun.

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