Monster High Draculaura Doll Review

Miss S still really loves her dolls and thy are a great way to improve her play and imaginative play skills. We have just added another Monster High doll to our collection this month, the Draculaura doll, she's Dracula's daughter and she looks impressive and retails at £22.99, she is suitable for ages 6 and over.
About Draculaura - daughter of Dracula! “I love gossip, freaky - fab fashion and fanging out with my friends! I’m also a strict vegetarian who faints at the sight of blood.” Draculaura can transform from a teen ghoul to a vampire bat in an instant you simply pull down the lever on Draculaura to see her shimmery pink overskirt unfold into body-sized wings! Push down the lever to return to a regular ghoul.
As we have come to expect with all Monster high dolls she is full of lots of colour and details. She has a beautiful made up face with big lashes and pink lips. Her hair is a shiny black and red tied in a high ponytail. She has a hot pink dress and the front of it is the lever that makes her fabulous bat wings move up and down. She also has some impressive pink high heels, shes a fashionista as well as a Monster High resident.
Miss S loved playing with Draculaura, she loves how visually appealing the Monster High dolls are and she is always drawn to them. She really liked the wing function and enjoyed making the wings go up and putting them back down again, she does love a bit of repetitive play, so the doll is perfect for that! She also loved the feel of Draclaura's silky hair and running her fingers through it.
She is a lovely doll and with the added excitement of moving wings she is a great addition to our Monster High collection and she will be well played with. She really stands out amongst the collection with her shiny pink and black bat wings. I'm sure your Monster High fans would love to add a Draculaura to their collection.
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