Lottoland Review

I play the Lotto every week and I have never really had much luck, I have won the odd £20 here and there but nothing major. I have heard people talking about the Irish Lotto and they all seem to be having better luck. I had no idea how to go about playing the Irish lottery, but at Lottoland you have the opportunity to play the Irish lottery, Oz Lotto, French Lotto and much more! At Lottoland you can bet on the outcome of the best lottery games on offer, you enter the same way you normally would, so it's really easy to do. If you match any of the prize tiers in your chosen Lotto then you win and Lottoland pay you!
Above is just some of the Lotto's that are available for you to bet on, Lottoland gives you lots of special offers on multiple line deals, saving you money and giving you more chances to win. I love the above option to play as it tells you when the next chance to win is and you have the option to do a quick pick of 6 lines and choose your numbers as you would usually. I was given some credit and have played some Euro millions lines for tomorrow night. The Euromillions is soon to go up to £2.50 per ticket, but Lottoland has been able to freeze the price of their tickets and you can till play for just £2 per ticket. I have my submitted my bets and now I can just sit back and wait to see if I win or not. If betting on the Lotto isn't for you then they have a range of other games and scratch cards for you to play on with top prizes up to £1 million. You can even try out the service with free sign up to Lottoland, so you really have nothing to lose, the website is really easy to navigate and its all explained for you, so pop over and have a go!
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  1. This sounds like a good idea - I am never lucky in the usual lottery games and I have been doing them for over 20 years!


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