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So while I am habing a much needed rest in Majorca some lvoely bloggers are filling in for me! Today I have the lovely Katy from, here is a ittle about her:
Katy is a 28 year old married Mother of 1 from Essex. She is passionate abour online money making, and savind, and she loves to spen her time helping people to make money to imporve the quality of their ives. She makes more that £3000 monthly online and she is alwasy shairng tips to make and save money on her website.
In 2013 I was suffering from ill health and I was struggling at work. My lovely husband decided to allow me to give up work, and decide if I could make it work working from home full time. 3 years later and I'm loving my life and the change in career. I am now making more than £3,000 a month, working for myself, and I love the independence and lifestyle change that this has brought to my family. 

Today I am going to share with you some of the ways that I make money online. I have been working for myself full time for 3 years now and I really enjoy it. I get to be at home with my new daughter and I don't have to worry about childcare either.

When I first started out I was only aiming to earn £50-£100 a week. I would spend hours on lowly paid surveys because I didn't know where else to make money online. Now I have a number of ways that I make money online and I earn more than £50 a day, every day that I work.

There are lots of fantastic ways to make money online but these are some of my favourites:

Smartphone apps
Most people own a smartphone these days and there are a variety of different apps that you can use to earn money. You can get paid for completing a survey, visiting a location and taking photographs, undertaking a mystery shopping assignment or even photographing your television. 
Applications are available for Android, iOS and even windows phones. My favourite app is Field Agent as it has lots of tasks available in my area. Roamler is another good one too.

Matched betting
Matched betting is where you use the free bets that are on offer from bookies and gambling websites to allow you to earn guaranteed money. Because the money comes from 'gambling' it is tax free - another bonus! There are websites out there to help you see all of the available offers and Profit Accumulator is my favourite. The offers are laid out and there are text and video guides to help you see exactly what to do to make money. They even have a free trial available where you can make around £45 without signing up for a paid membership. 
I've been matched betting properly for around 4 months. In that time I have been very fortunate to have some big wins (including almost £8,000!) and I've made around £15,000. This has changed our life and allowed us to enjoy lots of great holidays, time together and work less too which is always nice! 

There are always market research companies looking to pay people for providing their opinion. There are a whole variety, some low paying, some not so low. You can earn more than £5 an hour with the best companies for providing your opinion on a variety of different topics.
My favourite survey website is Prolific Academic, as they pay GREAT for their surveys. Also, I love Mintvine as they have a variety of surveys on offer. Both sites pay via Paypal and this is a great way to boost your online moneymaking. 

Mystery Shopping
Companies want your opinion on their food quality, customer service and much more. You can earn money by completing a shop, which you'll be reimbursed for, and you'll usually receive an addition fee on top. Companies want your feedback to allow them to improve their service and retain more customers. 
In addition to earning a fee it is great to be able to go to the cinema, have a meal out or purchase items for the home and know that you are going to be reimbursed for it! Marketforce is my favourite company for offline testing and eDigitalResearch is my favourite online company. 

There are lots of great ways to make money online and these are just a selection of them! I hope you've found my tips helpful today and you'll soon be on your way to making yourself some money online!

You can find Katy on her blog Katy Kicker. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
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