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It's finally the summer holidays and we are always on the lookout for something fun to do with the children. Obviously, with 4 children things get expensive so any option to save a few pennies is welcomed. This summer there is fab Weetabix #SportingStarts campaign running encouraging everyone to get active and try some sports. My gang aren't big on sports, they like the idea but don't usually follow through with it. Throughout July & August, there will be over 15 million special promotional packs in your supermarkets which give you the opportunity to try out a free sports session. Do you fancy trying dancing, taekwondo or if you are more adventurous what about scuba diving? Every pack has a code inside for you to redeem some amazing 'money can't buy rewards'.
Weetabix has enlisted the help of some sporting legends to take on some athletic challenges, Denise Lewis OBE, football legend John Barnes and Welsh rugby star George North have all taken part and been pushed out of their comfort zones. The Summer Of Sport campaign is to encourage and inspire the Great British public to get up, get active and join in.
Denise Lewis heptathlete and OBE said: 
" I'm very excited to be involved in this campaign, and with my background in sport I have a huge passion for nutrition and exercise. I have been presented with a challenging opportunity of learning women's cricket...something I only played in the garden as a small child,so this could be a very interesting experience for myself and somewhat comical for those watching!"
Over on the Weetabix Youtube channel there is a whole series of clips showing Denise catching, batting, bowling  and taking part in an actual match. Take a look at the one below showing her having some one on one training.

Denise took a trip to Lee Valley Athletics with the help of coach Ian Grant to give tips, advice and insider knowledge on all things heptathlon. Denise says she was inspired to do hepthalon whilst watching the Olympics in 1980. Ian says there are 2 types of athlete in the heptathlon, the sprinter & jumer or the sprinter & thrower, the key is speed and explosiveness. There are many elements that go into the competitive side of the heptalthon, but you have to get there first, which takes hard work and dedication. Denise said; "Certain events are more tricky. Sprinting, speed endurance, hurdles, you've got to be very careful how you position that in your week (of training) as the most vulnerable places are your hamstrings, calves, knees, everywhere actually. Understanding what fuel you really need to take in to not only replenish, but give you the energy to train full time, twice a day, six days a week, starts with a really good diet."

Weetabix is part of our daily breakfast routine, so we will definitely have some of the promotional packs coming our way. I think the boys would love a football session and Mr C has always wanted to try tennis, what would your brood like to try?
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