Weekly Weigh In - Week Two

So last week the weight loss got back off to a new start and ended with a fab 3lb weight loss, I was chuffed and it was just what I needed to get back on track. This week I was planning on staying on the same track and really wanted the same numbers on the scales this week. This week's result was................................
I was expecting a larger gain if I am honest, its been a terrible week. After weigh in I was determined to be good, then on Tuesday I got a phone call to say my Grandfather had been taken in the hospital. I have spent every day the past week visiting him. This means the majority of my food consisted of sandwiches, chocolate and coffee from the shop. I did manage to get a decent breakfast and lunch each day. It was just the evening meal that was off because I was at the hospital most evenings. I think the gain was minimal as I did walk to and from the hospital each day. Thankfully my lovely Grandad is out of the woods and yesterday was able to go home, it's been a sketchy week and I'm so glad it's all over.

This Weeks Result + 0.5lbs Gain
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 1.5lbs
This Weeks Goal -  3lbs loss

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