The Vax Air Stretch Pet Upright Cleaner Review

If you saw my post Say Hello To Honey a few months back, you will know we now own a rather cute doggy. Honey is now all settled in, when I got her I was told she was a puggle, a lovely short haired breed, but she is the hairiest puggle I have ever seen! This means I am fighting a constant battle with the stairs carpet and the dog hair. I was until now losing the battle, but thanks to the Vax Air Stretch Pet Upright Cleaner I am now winning the war!
The Vax Air Stretch Pet is a powerful and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with a long reach hose and cord. It’s also perfect for homes with pets as the TurboTool helps to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair from surfaces around your home. As you can see from the video there is zero construction required and it all clicks together for ease of storage.
All of the attachments and buttons are nice and chunky and they are blue so really easy to see. I love the colours used on the vacuum, the bright blue and grey look stunning together. The cord of the vacuum is a massive 13 metres long and the cord clip is big enough to wrap all of the cord around for tidy storage. The 3 important buttons on the vacuum are all just below the main pipe, the power button, the brush rotate which enables you to turn the rotating brush on & off and the lock button to remove the dust canister.
The vacuum comes with 3 useful attachments to help with the war against pet hair. The crevice tool is 3in1, it acts as a solid crevice, move the slider down and it has a smooth end and the other end has a brush end, it's great for using on all type of fabrics and floorings. The turbo tool which is just the perfect attachement for combatting the stairs and the sofa, the rotating brush head really aggravates the carpet and lifts out the hairs. The vacuum handle comes out of the hoover and you can attach the additional hose and make a combined reach of 17 metres, this means you can plug the unit in at the bottom of the stairs and clean right up to the top.
Honey took a liking to the crevice tool!

The slider on the front of the vacuum allows you to easily switch between low pile and deep pile carpets. It's really easy to just slide over with your foot when you need to, so no bending down required. You can really feel the 820w suction power when you have it on the deep pile setting, it really sucks the carpet.
It has a fab HEPA media filter, the filter is locked under a safety cover under the dust container, the great thing about the filter is that is it replaceable. You can buy a replacement from the Vax website for £15, this means your vacuum can last for years if you keep your filter in top condition. Not that you need worry as the vacuum comes with a massive 6-year guarantee.
All of the materials are great quality, even the hose attachment on the vacuum. We have had vacuums in the past that have been made from cheap materials and the hose is the first to thing to split. I was impressed with how lightweight the vacuum is and it glides like a dream. It goes from my laminate to carpet with ease and you can easily use the floor selector to switch modes really easily. It's not great at turning corners, but it is so light it is easy enough to lift it slightly onto 2 wheels and it goes round that way.
Just Look At All That Fur Off The Stairs
Overall  I love the vacuum its perfect for our needs, its lightweight (only 4.9kg) for carrying around, but thanks to the massive 17 metre combined reach you really don't need to carry it. The filter is replaceable, it's got incredible suction and it has all the tools us pet owners could possibly need. The multi-cyclonic action means you will never lose suction. I think the results speak for themselves if you look at the above picture, all that dust and hair is from my hall, stairs and landing and the box bedroom which are carpeted. They had been hoovered just 2 days previously and looked pretty clean to the naked eye! The Vax Air Stretch Pet Upright Vacuum retails at £249.99 and it is one of the bestsellers for Vax and after trialling it I can see why.
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*I was sent the above item for the purpose of an honest review

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