The A to Z of Autism - N is For

When Mr L was diagnosed back in 2007 I didn't have a clue what Autism was or even what it meant, 8 years on and 2 more diagnoses its still a puzzle. I have been contemplating doing a blog series with all the words associated with Autism to help other parents and to maybe be a bit of a reference point. So say hello to the A to Z of Autism. Each week will be a different letter, last time was M is for and I got some fab inclusions from other autism parents. This time is N is For.....

Suggested by Faith Mummy - I can definitely relate to this my middle boy is terribly nervous. Especially when it comes to trying or ding something new!


Suggested by Faith Mummy - I think most SN parents can relate here! The nigts with a non sleeping child is hard!


Suggested by Autism Mumma - At times, it feels like no-one else understands your hopes and fears unless they have a special needs child.


Suggested by Autism Mumma - Something you have to rise above and focus on the "can do's" and not the "can't"s


Suggested by Rainbows are too beautiful - Check out her post Art Neuro

Suggested by Faith Mummy - Every child with autism has a name which is so important to remember when they are too often referred to as 'the child with autism'


Suggested by First Time Valley Mam both parents and child. I think it's really important to remember to be kind to yourself and remember your needs.


Suggested by Brody Me and GDD - Check out her post, Why Supermarkets Need To Sell Bigger Nappies


Suggested by Being Tobys Mummy - sensitivity to noise, making noises etc. Miss S really struggles with noises, she doesn't seem to mind them when she is stimming loudly though.

Non Verbal 

Suggested by Faith Mummy - This is the case for many children on the spectrum, language can take time. Miss S still isn't fully verbal, but she can certainly now make her feeling know LOL

New Experinces

Suggested by The Wrong Kind Of SnowNew experiences and the fear of them. We really struggle with this, getting our gang to try something new is a bloody nightmare, it takes weeks of planning and sometimes still fails.

Are there any other M's you can think of that could be added? If so do leave them all below in the comments. I will be back again soon with the next post, which will be O is for.......

Thanks For Reading
  1. Thanks this is so comprehensive -going to read further when I have mote time

  2. Nervous :- Anxiety does seem to be an ISSUE from what I have been reding in regards to Autism. What methods are being used in an attempt to reduce nervousness / anxiety?

    Rachel Craig


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