The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart

If there is one thing that my gang like it is a good collectable, Miss S loves Kinder Eggs and Shopkins, the boys like neither. We have been sent the new Grossery Gang Yucky Mart and blind bags for review. They are a bit like Shopkins for boys.
Welcome to the Yucky Mart, it's the one stop shop for grossness! Kids can check out the launcher on the counter and see if they can dunk their gang into the giant slushie! Grossery characters will chill with cool friends in the queasy freezer or just hang with the gang on the shelves. They should watch out for the mouldy microwave, or they may have a melt down! This Yucky Mart playset comes with two exclusive Grosseries. There’s over 150 characters to collect in the Grossery Gang! Start your collection with some included Foil Bags that includes gross characters. Look out for special edition stocky sweets or ultra-rare mouldy veg!
This is the perfect type of toy for Mr C, but as soon as she spotted the blind bags Miss wanted in on the action. The toy is really low maintenance, which I like, there is no building or batteries required. There are lots of different play opportunities with the set. You can put your grosseries in the freezer, the microwave, put them into the ice cream shoot and fire them off the cash register. There are lots of shelves to put your grosseries onto, you can even hang your grosseries off the light fittings. We also got 4 of the grossly blind bags to open, inside each bag is a collectable character, unfortunately, we got 2 sets of the same character in our bags, but that's the luck of the draw. Each character comes in its own stackable crate, there are over 150 characters to collect.
All of the children loved playing the yucky mart and loved opening the blind bags. They had lots of fun putting them into the ice cream shoot, firing them off the cash register. They really liked the crates that the grosseries come in, they enjoyed stacking them. The Grossery Gang Yucky Mart retails are £19.99 and is available from Flair Plc.
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*We were sent the above set for the purpose of review, however, all opinions remain my own.
  1. My son would absolutely love this! He is crazy about Grossery gang x


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