Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy Review

You may have heard or seen reviews of the Teksta range, I know I have and they looked fab. A few weeks ago we got an email asking if we would like to review the brand new voice recognition Teksta puppy and I knew the kids would love it!
The popularity of the Teksta Puppy is to set to grow with the next generation Voice Recognition models with multi-coloured LED eyes and realistic ear movements making the Robotic Puppy the most advanced yet. With 10 voice recognition commands programmed in, Teksta Puppy will respond to your voice. With new applications and multiple command led features this pup will be a child’s new favourite hi-tech companion. Engineered with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, his toyetic interaction mimics emotions including; barking, crying, whimpering and much more.
The Teksta puppy requires 4 batteries which are not included, he also has a bone to chew on and a ball to play with.  The whole point of Teksta is to train him like you would with a real puppy, so he won't do what you want him to do straightaway. But the more you train him the better he will get at it.

You have to train your puppy to recognise the 10 voice commands, to get him to recognise these commands you have to press his nose for a few seconds. You will hear a beep and its then that you can give him the command. The 10 voice commands you can train him to respond to are:
  1. Bark - He will bark at you
  2. Come Here - Will walk towards you
  3. Play Dead - He will power off for 5 seconds
  4. Sing a Song - Will sing for you
  5. Don't Cry - Will laugh at you
  6. Good Boy - Reacts happily
  7. Good Girl - Reacts happily
  8. Roll Over - Will sit then flip
  9. Sit - Will sit
  10. Jump - Will flip over
You know when he is ready to learn my his led eyes will flash and then still, this shows he is ready to listen. Mr C managed the use the voice recognition play easily, he was able to hold down his nose until he heard the beeps. He managed to get him to bark, sit and even flip. He is still working on getting him to do the rest of his tricks for him.
The Teksta Puppy also have gesture recognition, to activate these you have to hold both the button down on his head until you hear the beep. To make Teksta sit you slowly pass your hand over his eyes, he will them sit down slowly. You can also make him flip baclwards, you do this by moving your hand upwards past his eyes slowly. The children loved making him flip over, he even manged to flip his ear off at one pint, but luckily they just clip right back in! 
Teksta also comes with a bone, this is what you use to feed him. The bone attaches via a magnet and when he is eating the lights on the front flash up. You can hear him chewing and slurping on the bone and he barks when he is done. He also has a ball that he loves to play with, this also attaches with a magnet, your puppy is also touch sensitive. If you scratch his head or pet his back he will respond to you! He is just like a real puppy just without the mess. The Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy is available through Character Option retailing at £59.99. we made a little clip for our Youtube channel of him in action. The kids love Teksta and are still busy training him to respond the first time, Honey our actual puppy isn't too impressed with him though!
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  1. I love these
    My nephew has already asked for one for Christmas
    Honey will get used to this as I'm sure it will be used lots


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